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So here it is. Ms. Knitter Knits. Not my first knitting blog, really, but I wanted to get away from the humdrum and boredom that got associated with my last knitting blog. Call me slightly elitist, but I’ve grown a lot since that blog, both as a person and as a knitter, and I felt that it was time to start fresh.

I do that a lot. Really.

So why “Ms. Knitter”? It was a joke cooked up by my friends and I, really. I joked that I ought to change my name someday, and make my own family crest that involves knitting needles and yarn. They asked if I was going to change it to “Knitter.” Well, I wasn’t thinking of anything quite so blatant, really, but heck, I rather liked the sound of Ms. Knitter, and so I’m sticking with it!

So what should you expect from this knitblog? I’m a knitter on a budget, let’s say, so alas, I don’t have the ability to buy all the yummy high-class brand name yarns that I want. No Koigu or Debbie Bliss for me, at least not until I get a better job or get some of my various debts down! (Debt. It always gets in the way of a good knitting project, don’t you think?) I get most of my yarns, alas, from discount bins at thrift stores, as gifts from others, and by ripping apart sweaters. The last one’s a big source of yarn for me, really! Lots of choice, plenty of natural fibres to choose from, and heck, it’s the only way I’ll be able to afford cashmere for a long long time!

But just because I can’t afford to good stuff doesn’t mean I can’t actually knit well. I love knitting lace, primarily. I’ve never knit a sweater before, but that’s been due to lack of yarns. It’s not an intimidating concept the way it used to be. Socks have yet to come, but so have a set of dpns. :/ (Told you I had finance issues!)

It’s funny . . . When I first started getting into knitting, I started reading all the knitblogs I could get my hands on. I’d see a lot of knitted lace there, and the pictures that they showed were just breathtaking. Wonderous! Time-consuming and showing a level of skill I didn’t think anyone ought to have! Now, I see those same projects that wowed me before, and while they’re still impressive, I no longer look at them as being so far out of my reach. I look at them and go, “Huh, if I had the right needles and the pattern, I could do that. It doesn’t look so hard.”

Things that used to scare me about knitting now seem well within my grasp. I guess that’s what practice does to a person.

And now that I’ve sat and babbled about knitting for so long, that little yarn-voice in the back of my head is saying, “Hey, you’ve got actual knitting you can do before you go to work today. Why don’t you do it instead of just talking about it?”

Right away, boss!


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  1. So does this mean that your potential soul mate would be Mr. Knitter? Because that tickles me.

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