August 12, 2006 at 4:47 pm | Posted in pattern design | Leave a comment

Okay, so the rabbit head lace didn’t come as far along as I’d hoped last night. It didn’t really help that I was trying to design it on plain old lined paper. Constantly having to redraw a graph every time I made a mistake just got so tedious that I gave up by the end. Tonight, though, I’ll bring along some graph paper to make the whole process easier.

I managed to get a nicely working design for the head shape, but once I get to the ears, it all falls apart. I suspect I may have to make more than one rabbit head per pattern repeat, to make things balance nicely and to fill in some holes. Maybe one big head and two little heads on either side, or something like that. I’ve got some overtime at work tonight, and I expect it to be rather slow, so it’ll be an excellent change to work on the pattern. I’ll see if I can bring along some spare needles and yarn to test it, if I manage to get it working right on paper first. (Here’s hoping!)

And now, it’s time to reply to comments! (Because I get so many of them on this brand new blog o’ mine.)

Cass says, in regards to my name,

So does this mean that your potential soul mate would be Mr. Knitter? Because that tickles me.

Not likely, since Knitter is my maiden name. Though if I had to marry someone, I certainly wouldn’t object to them also be a knitter.


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