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I finished the clover shawl! Hurrah! Pictures to come tomorrow, when I get off my lazy butt and take some.

I’ve now started what I affectionately call the scrapghan. Intended to be my roommate‘s Yule present, it’s knit in long simple strips of a little less than five feet long. Five stitches wide, knit all the way, and almost as long as I am tall. These will eventually be sewn together horizontally, until I make a 6 foot long blanket.

Yes, I’m well aware that I have my monotonous work cut out for me. But it’s good mindless fun when I’m watching movies or TV show reruns. Besides, she says she’ll like it. She grew up with blankets like that around her parents’ house, she says, and she remembers many days of being curled up under them, watching TV when she was home sick from school. (I’m purposely ignoring the part of me that keeps questioning why she wants me to knit something for her that reminds her of being ill.)

I’d be unravelling more sweaters, but as usual, I have misplaced my scissors. Possibly misplaced them down the back of the couch, or in the hide-a-bed, or in my bookbag. Possibly. I may also have left them at work. It’s very hard to remember, what with me being a scatterbrain and all. I’m currently a sleeve through taking apart a gorgeous purple sweater, knit from some of the softest acrylic I’ve seen in a commercial garment in a long time. I suspect it’ll become a nice new scarf for me this winter. I also have the last part of a merino/angora sweater that needs frogging. Need to get back to the skly blue silk, too. Oh, and the silk blend that I’ll eventually be knitting Heather‘s shawl from. (It’ll be Kool-Aid opverdyed a nice red, and end up with black tassles. I just can’t decide if I should knit a garter stitch shawl, or make something a little bit fancier. Maybe birds eye lace or something.)

Yeah . . . Can’t do any of that until I either find my scissors, or buy myself some new once. And I really don’t fancy having to spend money on scissors I know I already have somewhere. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t be relying on thrift store sweaters to keep me in yarn, now would I?

I couldn’t find my graph paper, either, so I didn’t get any work done on the lace designs over the weekend. I may have to go and buy some new graph paper, at least. Cheaper than scissors, and I can work on the pattern at work, since I don’t fancy bringing along 5-foot strips of knitting to keep me busy. (Though I’ll probably do that too. Getting hrough a night on the phones now requires much in the way of relaxation knitting!)


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