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I promised pictures of the finished shawl a few days ago, and I didn’t deliver. Why? Well, there was a death in the family. My roommate‘s rat, Reiji, got sick and went downhill very quickly, and he had to be put to sleep. Poor Reiji had osteoarthritis, and was in a lot of pain by the end. He refused to eat or drink, and finally went blind. He had trouble breathing. He couldn’t move his hind legs, and his feet had sores from being dragged around. It was more merciful to have him put to sleep than to let him go on through all that.

Needless to say, we’ve both been a fair bit upset, and out daily routines have been thrown off.

The shawl’s going to be unravelled a little way anyway, since it’s not long enough. I’m going to try and cram another few inches onto it, so that it can have a little bit more drape and weight and can do a better job of keeping me warm. I still have a ton of the yarn left, so that won’t be an issue. Hopefully by the end I’ll have a shawl worth wearing.

I’m little by little knitting those long strips for my roommate‘s blanket. Row after tiny row of garter stitch is a good and thoughtless thing to do while watching various TV shows on DVD.

I’ve got some Christmas presents planned out already, and hopefully I can manage to get them all done. Aside from Andrea and Thea‘s scarves, and Rachel‘s blanket, I also want to knit Rachel‘s dad some trigger-finger mitts (link to come later, once I find it again), and Rachel‘s grandmother is going to be getting a shawl. I’d love to knit Rachel‘s mother a sweater, but I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn for that kind of big project, even though she’s a tiny woman! Jenny’s going to be getting a dragon scarf, too, if I can find good yarn for it.

The best part about all this? (Aside from getting to knit a bunch of fun things, I mean.) I get the excuse to splurge on a good set of circular needles to knit the shawl. I saw that Addi Turbos come in 60 inch lengths for lace knitting, so I’m very tempted to see if I can order a set. Hopefully they’ll suck significantly less than other circular needles I’ve tried. (The connection on other needles is far too rigid, and I hate it!)

But since I can’t start any new projects like that now (I’m at work, you see, and my access to knitting is usually limited to one ball of yarn and one set of needles, with an uncomplicated pattern), I’ll get back to knitting endless strips for the Christmas blanket.


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