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Is one too knitgeeky when they start having near-constant dreams about the fibre arts? How bad is it when my actions in the dreams teach me things that I couldn’t quite grasp before?

The other night, I had a dream that I wanted to knit a pair of socks for the first time, but all I had to use were some pencils and some really chunky yarn. In the end, I sharpened to pencils down to the right length and cast on for the cuff. I’ve never knit with anything resembling dpns before (let alone dpn wannabes), and so I’ll be damned if I knew what I was doing, but after a bit of fumbling, I managed to get off to a decent start, and I kept knitting my first rounds.

I woke up for a while, and then went back to sleep, only to dream that I was learning to crochet. (Of course, while I’ve never actually learned to crochet before, (I trie once. It got messed up), I watched someone else do it for a while and then picked up on it, and have been mentally teaching myself ever since. (Here’s hoping that I’m mentally doing it the right way!)

Last night, my dream was of spinni9ng for the first time. I acquired a drop spindle, though it had a funny sort of design that was supposed to make it easier for beginnings to spin properly. (Shame I don’t remember what this design was. I could make a fortune making and selling them!) I go out my twist of wool that I bought a while back, sat down, and started to spin.

Like most first yarns, it was thick and thin, and snapped in some places when I thought I’d managed to get the thickness right to spin laceweight yarn. But heck, I made something out of it, and that was a pretty high acheivement for someone who’s never done any spinning before.

It’s a shame all of this learning was done in my dreams. Now, if I’d done it during my waking hours, with physical hands instead of mental ones, I might have somethibng to brag about. Instead, no, I’ve got nothing.

Though I do suddenly have the urge to go hunt down some pencils, just to see what I can do . . .


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