Dye experiments!

August 28, 2006 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Dyeing | 2 Comments

This is the first time I’ve messed around with Kool Aid dyed yarn before, and really, despite having read the instructions on numerous websites, I still learned quite a bit. Of course, primarily I learned that the big coil on my stove is hooked up to a broken dial, so when I thought I had it on maximum heat it was actually minimum, but hey, every experience is learning, right?

I started off with a ball of 75% merino wool/25% angora yarn.

Using the broken door on our entertainment centre (hey, it never hurts to improvise!), I wound it into long hanks, and tied the hanks with scrap yarn in four places, to hold it all together when it was being squished around in the pot.

Then it came time for the dunk in the pot. I was dying this lot green, so in went 7 packets of green Kool Aid. 7 wasn’t a magic number I came up with due to weight and fancy calculations. I just dumped in packet after packet until the water was a nice shade of green.

After making my mistake with the stupid dial on the stove, I finally got the water to heat up and boil, and after about 10 or so minutes of boiling, the water was completely clear. No trace of green remained except on the yarn, so I knew it was time to take it off the stove. The directions I read said to let it cool naturally before rinsing, so I went away to watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer before coming back to rinse off the yarn.

I then grabbed an old coat hanger and hung the hank inover the bathtub to dry.

Once it’s dried, I can start to knit it up.

I think my first experiment turned out rather nicely, in fact. So well that I decided to do another bath in blue, with Kool Aid’s Tropical Fruit Punch flavour.

It was only after pouring the first packet in the water that I learned that the colour of the packet of the Kool Aid doesn’t always correspond to the colour inside. I now had bright red yarn in the making. Oh well, I thought, and dumped another 4 packets in. Just for kicks, I also added one packet of grape Kool Aid, which really deepened the red in a nice way. No pictures of that yet, though, since it’s still boiling on the stove.

I can already tell I’ll be doing this a lot more. I recycled my yarn from old sweater anyay, but dyeing the yarn gives it even more new life, ner personality, and ver nice colours. I’m rather happy with it, anyway.



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  1. You sound sensible to me.
    Could I be that genderless knitter? Or, another genderless kitter?
    Knitting is just something to do (well … not “just” – but you know what I mean) with my hands when I am watching tv, visiting/talking with someone, getting from point A to point B on a bus or subway, etc. etc..

    Perhaps knitblogs are a skewed sample of knitters (although probably not). Is it possible that the knitters who WOULD write about video games, books, nature walks on their own merit, vacations without clothing worries … just do not blog?

    Happy knitting.

  2. […] 10, 2007 at 12:46 pm | In Random babble | I’m wondering, especially in reference to my Knitting and Gender post, combined with my general lack of association to a specific gender category, how much Ms. […]

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