Charity is more fun than you’d think.

August 31, 2006 at 8:49 pm | Posted in FOs, WIPs | Leave a comment

This morning I cast 124 stitches into a circular needle, which apparently sucks less after it’s been jammed into a knitting bag for a few months. Maybe isolation convinces circulars to be less rigid. They know the price for rigidity.

Anyway, the project is the “Wrapped in a Hug” stole, the link to which is over on my “Current Projects” list. Simple enough pattern to do. I memorized it after doing two repeats of a 4-inch swatch. (The first time I’ve ever swatched, and it was more to see how fiddly the stitches were than to see if I could get any sort of guage.) I think I’m using a needle size a bit smaller than the pattern requires, but I want a dense material anyway, since the stole is going to be a Christmas gift for an 80+ year old woman who feels the cold rather keenly. Something snuggly and thick will do her good. (Or so my roommate keeps telling me, and I believe her, since it’s her grandmother we’re talking about.)

It should also gain a bit more size once it’s blocked, too, to reveal the pattern a little more.

I’m using some light brown merino yarn that I recycled from a sweater a little while ago. I ought to have plenty of yarn to do this. I’m hoping she’ll like it, too. She’s a very ‘homespun’ woman, so to speak, so Rachel and I both think that she’ll like the natural brown colour of the stole. And I’m hoping it’ll keep her nice and warm through the winter.

I finish two scarves for Hestia House, a local shelter for abused woman and children. My parents donate gifts there every Christmas, and they said this year that if I wanted to knit for them, they’d provide the yarn. I’m not one to pass up that idea!

The first scarf was simple ribbing, 1×1, but it looked nice and neat in the yarn that I used. (Paton’s Rumor, which is an alpaca blend, in a nifty colourway that looks like it could be used for disco camoflage). The second one was the same yarn, but in a pattern of diamonds.

Cast on three stitches. Kfb into the first stitch of every row until there are ten stitches on the needle. Then k2tog at the beginning of every row until you’re back to three stitches. Rinse and repeat. It looks rather nice, but the thing curls like crazy. Probably because the connection between each diamond is so thin. Next time, I’ll try using four stitches, and see if that prevents it from twisting so much.


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