Bad Internet! No biscuit!

September 15, 2006 at 1:33 pm | Posted in WIPs | Leave a comment

I had a nice long post all typed up yesterday, ready for posting, when my Internet connection decided to crap out. I lost the post. Fnarg. It didn’t say anything important, really, except that I’ve been doing a lot more charity knitting lately, the Wrapped in a Hug stole is coming along very slowly (primarily due to the fact that I couldn’t find the rest of the yarn I’d set aside for it, but that’s a moot point now, since I found another ball last night), and I got a huge haul of sweaters to recycle.

I’m quite pleased about the sweaters. Mostly pleased about the 100% alpaca sweater, size large, that only cost me $4. Yeah, like I was going to pass that deal up. A granite-coloured chenille sweater is going to be taken apart and given to my roommate, who plans to knit up a few plush ponies for Hestia House. Chenille always makes huggable plushies.

I arrived at work today to find out that they’re running a craft sale on November 17th, and that gales are first-come, first-serve, but there’s no cost for reserving one. So, naturally, I reserved one. I have plenty of yarn at home that I can knit up some scarves with to sell, in addition to the ones I’m working on for Hestia House. Besides, I have a week off at the end of October, and so can sit around and knit like a fiend during that time to get a decent stock of scarves and things for sale. Those striped shawls get knit up quickly enough, too, and if I use a pair of circulars that don’t suck, I can make them even wider than before, to fit a better range of people. It won’t take much for me to get a table of handknits to sell for a little extra cash. Besides, the extra money will be good for Christmastime.

Now I’m excited! My first real potential sale of things I made with my own two hands!


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