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Subtitled: In Which Ms. Knitter Rambles on About Her Fibre Stash.

Two new potential projects have been added to the To-Do pile. Sandra, one of my coworkers, loves purple, hearts, and has expressed an interest in cashmere. Thankfully, I have a fairly large pile of cashmere sitting at home that I don’t mind knitting up for her. It’s currently a nice spring green, but I can overdye it to a deep purple with the aid of Kool Aid. Since it was unravelled from a sweater, it’s still loosely plied, so some night soon I’m going to have to gather my patience (and about 6 bobbins) and unply the yarn, so I can make a nice heart-patterened lace scarf for her.

Sherie, my supervisor, resists any attempt to find a good gift for her, but through sneaky questions, I’ve deduced that she at least wears scarves for warmth, and likes the colour black. And since I have a fairly large amount of black angora blend yarn at home . . . Heh heh. You can’t escape my gifting, Sherie.

I’m still racking my brains to try and find a purpose for the yards and yards of periwinkle blue silk that I have. It’s not all unravelled from the sweater yet (I told you, I really do get most of my yarns that way), but I’ve got a fair amount of it, and it’s beautiful. The shine, the softness . . . I fell in love with silk from the moment I touched that stuff. I’ve got more than enough to make something very delicate from it, like a detailed stole, but nothing seems to be calling out to me.

I do need to get back to unravelling that silk blend sweater, since it’s going to be turned into a shawl for Heather, who’s been going through a bit of a rough time lately. I figure if I make her shawl and send it to her for Yule, and knit good happy thoughts into it, it might help cheer her up a little bit. But before that, I need to actually turn the sweater back into yarn, and then overdye it a bright red. Since it’s partially synthetic yarn, it’ll end up still with bits of pink through it, but that might actually be a nice effect. If it doesn’t turn out nicely, though, I’m sure I can find another sweater that’ll 100% natural fibres to dye and knit up for her.

But in the mean time, since I can’t deal with any of those things right now (gotta love being at work), I’ll just shut my mouth (or stop moving my fingers over the keyboard, as the case may be) and get back to work on the Wrapped in a Hug stole. One ball of the yarn is almost done, and I suspect I’ll need to bring the second one in to work tomorrow. Little by little this thing’s growing.

I just hope the recipient will like it.


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