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I paid a visit to Cricket Cove today, just to see if I could resist the siren song of high-quality yarn. Apparently, I can’t, as I walked away with some merino sock yarn by Fleece Artist, and some bamboo dpns. And a sock pattern by Briggs & Little, but that was given to me for free by the owner of store, since she doesn’t like the one that comes with the yarn itself. (She says it’s full of errors, and would rather give away a good pattern for free than have me get frustrated over another faulty pattern.)

That just endears me to the store even more.

Next time I have extra money, I’m going back to pick up a kit for thrummed mittens. I want to make a pair for Rachel, and since they have kits with incredibly soft alpaca yarn, I think it’ll be well worth the $40 expense. Mostly because I want to knit with good alpaca yarn, but also because Rachel feels the cold strongly, and something that warm would probably help a lot, especially in the bitter winter months.

And the sock yarn I got today will probably also go to her, as soon as I get some good practice knitting socks. (Don’t want to waste the lovely jewel tones of the yarn by messing something up, now do I?) I’d knit them for myself, since I adore the colours so, but with my toes as screwed up as they are right now, I’m going to avoid footwear until I can have my ingrown toenails removed. I’m not sure how uncomfortable the seam would end up being, and I don’t want to risk it. Besides, (and I know this is gross), I really don’t fancy my toes, er, leaking onto gorgeous shiny yarn that I spent $20 on. Now that would be a waste!

In the meantime, I’ve changed my work knitting to a simple cashmere scarf, 1×1 ribbing, for the craft sale on November 17. I figure that if I focus on knitting for the sale and for Hestia House, once the sale is over I can go back to knitting the wrap for Rachel’s grandmother, still with plenty of time to finish it. But having three seperate groups of projects to knit for at once is just wearing me down, and I’m not getting anything completed as fast as I’d like. So putting one aside to work on others that need to be finished sooner just seems like the logical way to do things.

And now that I’ve said that, I just know something’s going to happen to throw all my plans to hell. It’d just be typical. *laughs*


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