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October 24, 2006 at 4:41 pm | Posted in Dyeing, pattern design, sales, WIPs | Leave a comment

After much pondering and confusion about what to do with a large load of really scratchy wool yarn I unravelled from a sweater a while back (the first sweater I ever unravelled, actually), I’ve finally decided what to do with it. It’s white yarn, so it’ll be very easy to dye with bright Kool-Aid colours, and then I can knit it up into tote bags. Tote bags which will be felted. There are plenty of patterns for them floating around online, and I can maess with interesting colour combinations and geometric shapes and whatnot to create some nifty designs.

This is a project I’ll do just for fun, not for any real practical purpose. I have no need for tote bags of my own (I already have two at home, and one is even wonderfully handmade), so I’ll just be doing this so I can do more dye experiments, and perhaps have a few more things to sell at next year’s craft sale at work. I didn’t have much notice about this year’s, since now that I know they’re done annually, I’ll have a whole year to make pretty things to try and sell next November.

Speaking of dye experiments, I never did mention how the cashmere turned out. It was originally a very pale spring green, which I wanted to turn purple. I threw in four packets of grape Kool-Aid, but the water looked more grey than purple, so I figured a packet or two of red would sort that out. Still didn’t look right. Another two packets of red. Then the yarn ended up too red, and the dye didn’t disperse as evenly as a I wanted. As a result, I have variegated red cashmere yarn, some areas a deep burgundy, and other areas that somehow managed to stay purple. Some spots, where the acrylic yarn used to hold the hank together was tied too tightly, are still pale green, which actually looks nifty next to the purple and red.

It didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, but it didn’t turn out badly either. I’d like to try more tie-dyed yarn, since the effect is nifty. Maybe for one of the felted tote bags or something. Just for experimentation purposes, anyway.

 But regardless, the cashmere scarf is almost done. The yarn didn’t last as long as I hoped it would, but I can stretch it a little by blocking it out. Add a couple of extra inches to it. That won’t be any problem. (Pictures to come once I get a way of actually taking them. :p)

And yes, I am still working at getting the dragonfly lace planned out. The design has expanded into a Dragonfly Lake stole, though, which is going to be worked on once the new year comes and most of my current projects are over and done with. I’m hoping it turns out as well as I visualize it in my head, and if it does, I’ll probably try selling the pattern.

Here’s hoping, anyway. Can’t hurt to hope.


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