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October 28, 2006 at 12:51 am | Posted in sales, WIPs | 1 Comment

Well, I have a new computer at home, which makes me very very happy. It’s a better system than my previous one, and once I get the old hard drive slaved to the new one, I’ll be one happy little cyber-knitter!

So probably tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest, I’ll end up posting a few pictures of my current knitting. Because a knitblog without pictures is just, well, rather boring. Knitting’s a very visual thing, after all, and if I’m going to share my adventures online, I may as well give the best experience I can.

But onto the actual knitting news. Since, you know, this is a knitblog and all.

I managed, though a wonderful bout of rushing around madly trying to not be late for work, to forget the cashmere scarf at home, tucked away in a drawer where the cats can’t get at it. Fortunately, all was not lost, since the Wrapped in a Hug stole was still in my tote bag. I’ve kept myself busy tonight by working away at that. Got almost two pattern repeats done, since work’s been delightfully slow this evening. Little by little this thing is getting done. It’s almost as long as it is wide, now, and once my other projects are out of the way, I’ll be able to devote my full attention to finishing it by Christmas.

In an outing yesterday, my mother bought me more yarn to the Hestia House knitting. I successfully convinced her not to buy me any fluffy furry yarn, and instead came home with some purply boucle, some merino, and some microfibre stuff. The boucle will just end up as a garter-stitch scarf, the merino will probably have some sort of texturing (possibly cables, if the colour changes don’t overpower the texture), and the red and black microfibre stuff is going to end up being an illusion scarf. Possibly with playing card designs, since the colours fit nively.

I’ve been wondering if I could knit a very light shawl, using the only set of circular needles that I have right now, with sewing thread. My needles at US size 6, and so using something as thin as sewing thread would make for a lot of holes and a very lightweight triangular shawl. Well, there’s no wondering if I can, really. More along the lines of if I should bother. It could be fun, fiddly, and end up looking crappy to my eyes but probably fantastic to someone else. You never know, something like that may even sell at next year’s craft fair.

Doubtful, but meh, can’t hurt to try. Besides, I do enjoy the occasional mindless knitting project, to keep my hands busy while I watch TV or listen to music. (I also want to see how sewing thred will look after being knitted on size 6 needles. :p)


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