Introducing one of my kitties!

October 29, 2006 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Dyeing, FOs, WIPs | 2 Comments

The wind is howling today, so much so that the fibreglass siding in the back hallway of this apartment building is rattling loud enough to scare the cats away from my room. Thankfully, the vicious rainstorm that went on through most of last night is over, but the wind itself is enough to cause power outages. My home isn’t among the areas affected, obviously, but the store where I was going to buy cat food is. So the kitties may just have to deal with a can of wet food tonight instead of a bowl of dry food, just until I can go out tomorrow and pick up more dry food for them.

The view out my window is rather depressing today. Dead grass and grey skies. I do enjoy the snow that comes with winter, but honestly, I could do without the monotony of it, as well as the bitter winds and dead plantlife.

Yes, my windows do need washing. And yes, that is a boarded-up building you see on the left. I don’t exactly live in the nicest part of the city, alas. Someday I’ll end up in a place that at least has a better view, but until that day comes . . . I’ll just have to have closed curtains. *laughs*

On a better note, I finished the cashmere scarf. (Not the best picture, but it shows the colours most accurately.)

It’s nothing special. 1×1 ribbing all throughout it, though the accidental variegation of the yarn adds a certain something to it. My roommate was showing the yarn off to her mother last night, bragging on my behalf that I dyed the yarn all by myself. I do appreciate that, but heck, it’s not like it was hard. Kool-Aid in a pot, hot water, yarn, rinse, hang to dry. The only thing that was so special about it is that I couldn’t get the colours right, and that led to the variegated effect. But that was an accident. If it was on purpose, however, and I specifically dyed the yarn to look this way, then yes, a little bit of bragging may have been warranted.

Still, it’s very nice to know that someone thinks what I do is neat. :D

So on to the next scarf! The cashmere scarf is a Christmas gift for a coworker, but I do have some salmon pink yarn that feel soft enough to be cashmere, but I haven’t done a dye or burn test to confirm that yet. (The slight disadvantage of taking apart sweaters for my yarn stash, it seems.) It is, however, the perfect yarn on which to experiment with cables for the first time.

As you can see, I haven’t found cables too difficult to get the hang of.

I’m not following any pattern with this scarf, at least no pattern that I’ve found online or in a knitting book. (Though that’s not to say it’s not out there. I just mean that I came up with the scarf pattern on my own and didn’t use somebody else’s pattern.) Seed stitch for 10 stitches on either side of the cable, and the cable itself is only 4 stitches, with one stitch in stockinette on each side of that. Nothing fancy, but good to practice on.

I came by a good stash of yarn last night. My roommate’s mother had two large bags of yarn at home, but she doesn’t knit much anymore. Knowing that I knit like a fiend, she gave them both to me, minus the knitting needles and patterns that were in the bags, just in case she ever does fancy knitting again. One bag was filled with acrylics in various weights and colours, and the other was filled with 100% wool, made by Scandi, which appears to be a company that doesn’t make yarn anymore. (Or if they do, my Google-fu is too weak to find them.) The Scandi wool was originally going to be a sweater for my roommate’s father, and I’m going to honour that in a way by turning it into a sweater for my roommate. Black, grey, and white ought to be good enough to make a sweater from, with a few little patterns here and there. Might be a good chance to try some semi-complex colourwork.

It seems that one of my kitties isn’t scared away by the banging outside. Nick has spent the last 20 minutes in my room, curled up on top of my craft dresser. (So named because it’s where I keep all my crafting supplies. Oh so original!)

Say hello to the happy knitbloggers, Nick!

Ugh, that dresser really needs to be painted.



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