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November 3, 2006 at 3:13 pm | Posted in FOs | 2 Comments

I’ve had dreams about knitting before, but never have I had a knitting dream in which so many well-known knitters have appeared.Yarn Harlot came to surprise me for my birthday, accompanied by Wendy and QueerJoe, who was wearing a hat knit by Grumperina. There were a whole gaggle of other people there that I didn’t recognize, but who apparently were very well known in the knitblogging community, who for some reason just decided to give me a surprise birthday treat and come to one of my old schools to give me lessons in knitting.

Not that I was complaining, but it was nerve-wracking to be around so many people I admire.

Right, now for the actual knitting content, not just the dreaming-of-knitting content.

I finished the cabled scarf.

As with just about every scarf I’ve knit, by the end, I was just so desperate for it to end that I bound off a little bit too soon. By the yarn I had left, I probably could have added another repeat of the pattern to it with no problems at all. I really have to get over that impatience thing.

I think the proper solution to that, though, is to find more scarf patterns that aren’t so monotonous. That’s why I enjoy lace so much. The patterns may be a little bit fiddly in places, but they keep me entertained for far longer than other non-lace patterns tend to.

Or perhaps I just have a natural inclination towards complex fiddly patterns. I suppose that’ll come in quite handy in the future, then.

Immediately after binding off that scarf, though, I cast on for another.

The photograph isn’t the best, but it’s a mistake rib scarf, pattern found on WendyKnits. (I’m sure it can be found elsewhere, too, but that’s where I found it this time, so that’s who I’ll credit with inspiration.) It’s knit on some vibrant purple acrylic yarn that was given to me when my roommate’s mother destashed. The yarn’s between fingering weight and sport, I think, or there abouts, anyway. it’s not as soft as I’d like, but it’s still decent, and the pattern’s so far fun to work with.

(Though I completely expect to end up binding off this one too early, too. :/)

And in keeping with the grand tradition of showing kitties on knitblogs, today I introduce my second cat, Jakob, who has decided to appeal to everyone by lying in the kitchen just outside my bedroom door, lazing around like the true king of the apartment that he is.

Cats know perfectly well that they own their humans, not the other way around.



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