November 16, 2006 at 6:37 pm | Posted in WIPs | Leave a comment

In honour of the fact that I have my second Branching Out on the needles right now, I think I shall make a list of the things I have learned about lace knitting.

~ When stitches randomly appear or disappear in lace knitting, unintentially, a corresponding k2tog or yo does not, in fact, fix the problem. Not unless you’re looking to make some really wonky lace.
~ Despite how detailed and incredibly amazing the final product looks, the whole thing was put together using two different kinds of stitches. And some yarn-overs.
~ Frogging mistakes is your friend, but only when pairing up with lifelines. Unless you really fancy tinking back through all those k3tog, ssk and sl1-k2tog-psso stitches, that is.
~ The pattern repeats are so easy to see that it’s a fine way to measure your progress.
~ Lace knitting keeps me amused for hours longer than other mindless knitting projects do. I may be able to do garter stitch with my eyes closed, but I can only stand that for so long before the tedium destroys my sanity. Lace, on the other hand, is the antidote. It keeps me sane.
~ Everyone admires it and says they couldn’t ever make something so pretty or so delicate. It gives me a feel of satisfaction to know that I have accomplished something that impresses others. Lace knitting is an ego boost of the best kind.

Jakob has decided he doesn’t care about lace. Give him a solid comfy bed any day.


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