November 17, 2006 at 8:59 pm | Posted in sales | Leave a comment

Don’t talk to me about sales. In the whole day, I made a whopping $15. Three scarves sold, and all of them sold to one of the other sellers who I’m pretty sure just took pity on me. :/ One of my coworkers dropped by and made the suggestion that she should give me some of her yarn, and then maybe my stuff will sell better. Uh . . . what? And why? What difference would it make it you gave me yarn instead of me buying yarn, aside from the fact that I wouldn’t have to spend any money? Believe me, if my silk blend scarf isn’t selling, then an acrylic scarf isn’t going to sell much better. (Especially given that by the end, I was selling all scarves, regardless of fibre content or size, for about $5 each.)

I did, however, have a good time conversing with the woman at the table next to mine. She reminded me a lot of my grandmother, could actually talk knitting without furrowing her brow when lace knitting was mentioned, and knew what Fair Isle sweaters were. (It may not seem like much, but heck, I have yet to find many people in this city outside of a yarn store that know whatfair Isle sweaters are.) She sold quite a few mittens, but not as many socks as she was hoping to sell, since she loves to knit socks and welcomes any excuse to knit more. I got her business card, so that she can give me a pattern of hers I liked, and so I can give her some angora yarn.

Since it was payday, I decided to treat myself. I got the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits, as well as a copy of Folk Shawls. Much happiness there, especially with Folk Shawls. It cost me $30, but I’ve seen some of the patterns in it, and I think it was well worth the money. I’ve been wanting to make the Kimono Shawl for months now!


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