Away on the Prairie.

November 23, 2006 at 2:03 pm | Posted in WIPs | 1 Comment

I got bored of knitting with no real purpose the other day. I mean, sure, I still have a couple of scarves to complete for charity, but those are quick knits, and are mindless, but a little too mindless right now.  Besides, the cold permeating the house keeps me confined to a few rooms at the moment if I want to stay warm, and those few rooms are the ones attached to the central heating ducts, which throw my sinuses out of whack because of all the dust in them, plus the cigarette fumes from other apartments.

So I was looking for a bit more of a practical thing to knit than a scarf. My eyes fell on a prairie shawl, from Folk Shawls. Garter stitch with two yos every two rows? Mindless, but not so mindless that it’ll drive me insane. Easy to meausre my progress on as I see it growing. Will be wonderful to keep me warm in the cold rooms of the house, or hell, when I’m at work, since they keep it rather cold there, too.

So I cast on, using one of three large balls of creamy acrylic that was given to me by my roommate’s mother when she destashed a little while ago. I’d prefer to use something not-acrylic, but right now, it’s the only yarn I know I have enough of it make a whole shawl from, so acrylic it is. It’s not like I’ll be using this shawl to impress anyone, after all. if I was, I’d try to makeit from the periwinkle blue silk that I have, Or some of the tons of angora I have lying around. Neither of those are the right weight yarn, but the pattern’s such that I can adjust the needle size to the yarn with no issues whatsoever.

But since this is just a silly little project for me, one to use up a bunch of yarn and come out with a practical garment in the end, I’ll stick with my crappy little Zellers-brand acrylic, thankee ve’y much.


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  1. Well, now that I am a) finished with NaNo and b) an unemployed bum, I have all this lovely free time in which to be a loyal reader of your blog and nag you if I don’t think you’re posting enough.

    So will you be at Pizza Hut for the TGIO, or will it just be me and Cass?

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