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December 2, 2006 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Random babble | 1 Comment

I managed another two rows of the Prairie Shawl last night before getting off my lazy bum to go hang out with some friends. As much as I’m antisocial, I do enjoy being with a small group of people I can relate to, especially when they’re about as geeky as myself.

It seems that the knitblog world has been on a sock kick lately, and I’m left feeling, well, sockless. I have never knit socks before, not really, though I do have one sock on the needles right now that I intend to finish, er, some day. It’s another one of those things that I don’t want to do until I get my toes fixed up, but at the same time, there’s no harm in getting plenty of practice. If I don’t want the socks, then I’m sure someone else will.

Besides, I do need the practice for when I knit those gorgeous jewel-toned socks for Rachel. I especially need practice in fudging the toes to make them rather pointy on one side, since she has oddly-shaped feet. :p

And then there’s the merino/angora Branching Out scarf I really ought to get back to.

And then again, I did get a bunch of Kool-Aid to dye up that rough wool so I can knit a tote bag soon . . .

This is the problem with me when inspiration hits. I want to do too many things at once. I can either do them all, making slow progress on each of them, so that it barely looks like I’m making progress at all, or I can tell my brain to shut up and try to focus on one project at a time, in which case I’ll feel guilty about having other projects on the needles that also need finishing, and I don’t want to lose my drive to get them done.

I have a really annoying brain sometimes.

Really, though, if I put my priorities in order, it’s not too difficult. The Prairie Shawl is all garter stitch, so it’s not like it requires too much attention, so I can do that whenever I fancy some mindless knitting. The Branching Out scarf will be handy for the colder days, and looks pretty, and lace keeps me amused for hours, so I ought to focus on that. The yarn for the tote bag hasn’t even been dyed yet, so I can dye it and work on another project while that’s going on. As for the sock . . . Well, I can work on the sock when I’m at home, and I can work on Branching Out at work. (I’d do it the other way ’round, but I’m not risking those tiny bamboo needles being broken in my bag that I bring to work.)

There. Problem solved.

Now if I can only stick to my resolution.

This is why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, really. I tell myself that this time, I’ll take it one project at a time, no two ways about it. Then something comes along that catches my eye and I go, “Ooh, I have a spare set of needles I can use for that. I should cast on now so I don’t forget.” Then it just goes snowballing downhill from there.

The best way to provent this? Don’t give in to my urges, and keep a limited number of knitting needles around. If I don’t have the right needles, I can’t cast on, no matter how badly I want to.

Enough babble from me for today. I’m mostly just writing here because work is slow, and I didn’t bring any knitting projects with me, so I’m more than a little bit bored. :/


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  1. You likely already know this, but the public library branch uptown has a copy of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker.

    What I can’t figure out about Michaels is how they can have so many knitting needles there, yet still so often they do not have the exact size and material I’m looking for at the time. If I’m looking for a particular size in aluminum, they’ll only have it in bamboo. If I need a certain size in bamboo, they’ll only have it in metal.

    News which is of little practical interest to me at this point, but may or may not interest you: The local Michaels just started carrying Patons Kroy sock yarn.

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