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December 5, 2006 at 2:35 pm | Posted in spinning, WIPs | Leave a comment

When I said I was knitting the faggiest necktie ever, I really wasn’t kidding.

When the yarn is wound, it looks as though it has more purple in it than it does when knit up. Now, it just looks like a cheap cotton Barbie blanket. Still, it is pretty faggy, and thus I’m hoping the novelty of that alone will make it appreciated.

For those who are interested, I’m using Pam Allen’s tie pattern from Interweave. A simple pattern, which makes it good for doing at work. (I took back my word on not bringing the tiny bamboo needles to work with me. I’m just really careful with them)

Amusingly, someone saw me knitting on the tie and commented that it was incredible that I was knitting on what looked like toothpicks. *chuckles*

In other news, I finally raided my bank account and came up with enough money to buy this:

It’s drop spindle, bought from Cricket Cove, and it’s about time I got one, seeing as how I really do want to learn how to spin. It’s a cute one, too. The whorl is shaped like an acorn!

It was the best of all the spindles there, really, and the cheapest. There were others, with larger ceramic whorls in pretty colours, for about $15 more, but when I spun those lightly on the table, to get a feel for them, they all seemed off-centre, which I didn’t think would be very condusive to spinning a good yarn. This was was better, spun nicely, and felt nice in my hand. I figured it was a sign from the spinning deities that this spindle was meant to be mine.

I do have some nice white Blue Face Leister roving tucked aside for when I get better at it all, but for now, the stuff I’ll practice on is this:

Fleece Artist Blue Face Leister again, in very pretty blues and greens. (Boy, my pictures aren’t turning out very nicely today. Rather than blame it on bad photography skills, I’ll just say the light in here is bad. :p)

And now, just so I don’t disappoint anyone, here’s a picture of Jakob, looking rather frumpy on top of my bookshelf.


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