Going on a yarn diet!

December 17, 2006 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Knit From Your Stash 2007, WIPs | Leave a comment

Sort of, anyway. Wendy (and her friend L-B) is running Knit From Your Stash 2007, in which participants knit things only from their yarn stash. No yarn-buying allowed, though gifts are yarn are accepted. (Hint hint.) I figure this is a perfect chance to save some money and knit up some of the large piles of yarn that are slowly but surely taking over the apartment.

I allow myself one major exception to the rules that are listed on WendyKnits. I will allow myself to buy new yarn for one big project during those nine months of self-imposed yarn fasting, provided that yarn bought is for a big project. Most likely a shawl of some kind. You know, a proper one, not one of those scrap shawls that I keep making.

This will be fun, I think. I have a lot of yarn at home, mostly in the form of sweaters that have yet to be taken apart but man, I have a lot of those sweaters. I probably have enough yarn to keep me going for well over nine months, really. This will also save me some money, since I’ll be determined not to go out and go yarn-shopping just because I want some semi-instant gratification. I’ll be forced to *gasp* use what I have! Oh noes!

Feel the sarcastic love.

This will be good motivation to finish off some old projects that have been started but left alone for a while. Branching Out, the Prairie Shawl, that damn blanket composed of zillions of little squares. I have enough yarn to make my first sweater, too. There are also some patterns I want to try that I acquired recently, like a sampler afghan. I have a bunch of cheap yarn bought from Value Village that will be probably get thrown into that project. It may be cheap, but at least it’ll be used up, and it’ll serve a good purpose of keeping people warm.

Anyway, in WIP news, the necktie is coming along nicely. I’ve started the decreases, and hope to add another good few inches to the tie when I get home from work tonight.

I’m enjoying the way the colours pool right now, though I wish the purple would pool rather than stripe. Right now the only real pooling I get is in the pink colour. :/ Maybe that’ll change once the decreases really kick in, to change the stitch count and throw off the whole balance that was created earlier.

For work knitting, I brought along some new #10 needles and some chunky yarn, and started knitting myself a nice 2×2 ribbed scarf.

It’s Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, in colour Huckleberry. I got it when it was on sale at a nearby discount store. Not the best yarn ever, I’ll grant you, but I like the colour of it, and I have enough to make myself a nice hat and scarf set, which is my eventual goal. (Let’s just hope I’m not so damn slow at it that it gets finished in time for the warm weather.)

Not to mention, doing the Knit From Your Stash thing will require me to either knit it up at some point, or let it languish in the bottom of my yarn bin forever.

It’s certainly nice to feel something softer on my hands than crochet cotton, though. My knucles were starting to be rubbed a little raw, since I think I hold the needles in sort of an odd way when I knit. Crochet cotton feels decent enough when knit up (if a little stiff), but the live stitches on the needles are rather painful to hands that have been rubbing against them for an hour or so.

And now our resident Jakob-kitty has decided to demonstrate his acting abilities by showing us one of the most denied mood expressions on knitblogs: The Scaredy-Cat.

Oh noes!


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