An excess of pink!

December 18, 2006 at 6:54 pm | Posted in WIPs | 1 Comment

(Please ignore my crappy semi-blocking job. But pay attention to Nick, who finally got off the tie-in-progress so I could take a picture of it properly.)

I swear, the necktie doubled in size overnight! It must be the knitting fairies! Or possible the fact that I knit on it for a good few hours before my fingers hurt too much to continue. Take your pick, really.

I’m almost done with the decreases. I’d say this thing should be ready to be blocked on Wednesday, if I hurry, ready to be gifted to Cass on Thursday, just in time for Yule. (I hope. It’ll take some pushing, but I do honestly think I can make that deadline, if I try.)

And so without further ado, back to the salt mines living room I go. Gotta bribe those fairies to add another foot to the tie by the end of tonight, after all.


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  1. […] blocked. I’m only hoping I can find enough space to properly block it. I managed to block the Faggiest Necktie on my bedroom floor, but that’s definitely not going to work. Not nearly enough room in there […]

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