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December 21, 2006 at 1:52 am | Posted in FOs, stash, thrift | 1 Comment

The Faggiest Necktie Ever is done! No pictures though, since it has to be blocked, and the only place to block it without the cats getting to it is on the floor of my room. Which is where my computer is. And it’s a tiny room, so I can’t type up an entry here and have the tie blocking at the same time. So it’ll be blocked once this entry’s posted. Maybe I’ll get a good picture of it being worn by the recipient.

I did some last-minute stashing today, before KFYS’07 commences. Granted, it was Value Village stashing, but heck, yarn is yarn, and I’m happy to knit it.

10 balls of black Trio Dolcina yarn, which doesn’t seem to exist according to Google, but seems to be German in origin, jdging by the label. 70% acrylic, 15% mohair, 15% lambswool. 160 metres per ball. All for the low low price of about $3 Canadian.

3 balls of pink and 2 balls of purple No1 de Georges [something or other] yarn that also can’t be found via Google, made in France, 75% mohair, 20% “fibravyl”, 5% wool.

1 ball of red-orange Berger du Nord kid mohair yarn, which seems to be discontinued. (but heck, at least the brand exists. That’s progress!) 80% mohair and 20% acrylic.

Overall, not a bad stash enhancement, when you consider the whole lot cost me about $6 before taxes.

And now, I’ll stop bragging about my stash and go block that tie.


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  1. […] cast on for this at work the other day, in the mohair blend yarn that I got a while ago, because I certainly couldn’t take the Sampler Shawl to work with me, and carrying two balls […]

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