I lied.

December 30, 2006 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Random babble | Leave a comment

The previous post wasn’t my last before the new year. Me bad.

Mostly, this post is just to mention a teensy bit of confusion. See, WordPress has this nifty little feature that allows you to see which websites people have come by to find your blog, and also what words they plugged into a search engine to find your blog. Now while some of these things make sense to me (apparently people keep finding my blog thanks to a Knit From Your Stash tag on one of my entries), but they apparently come by this blog after searching for http://www.wendyknits.net.

I kid you not. Somehow, while people are searching for Wendy’s blog, mine comes up on the list.

All I know is that they’re not looking it up through Google, because when I search for that, all that comes up is (suprise surprise) Wendy’s blog.

Not that it isn’t somewhat flattering, I guess. It just confuses me. It’s not a once off thing, either. The logs record it as happening twice in two days. O_o

It is fun to see the different ways that people find me, though. Hopefully once I start posting more about the different projects I’m working on, I’ll get some more amusing hits. Draw a bigger crowd. Or something.

Anyway, just so that this post actually has some teensy amount of actual knitting content, I’ve been spending the past few days browsing potential KALs, and attempting to organise my yarn stash to make everything easier in the coming year. No real developments on either front, really, so I just keep chugging along at my dull little scarves that I’m knitting, looking forward to bigger projects that I’m making myself put off doing. I don’t want to have too many projects on the go at once. I already have more than I can handle!

(Ignore the fact that I started an icord a few days ago, which will eventually become a circular rug. That project doesn’t count, because . . . um . . . I’m sure I’ll think of a good reason later.)


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