End of the Line.

December 31, 2006 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Knit From Your Stash 2007 | Leave a comment

I decided to be a little bad during the last few days of 2006, and I bought myself a ball winder, which will no doubt come in insanely handy. It was made in Japan, and has hilariously Engrish instructions, which I shall dutifully transcribe in my next entry here. I’d scan it all in, but the pictures aren’t nearly as funny as the wording of the instructions themselves, so it’s easier all around just to type them up.

I also bought myself a skein of Handmaiden Seasilk, in a delicious blue-and-green colourway. As soon as I touched this stuff, I understood what the hype was all about. It’s soft, it’s smooth, and it looks like it’ll be absolutely gorgeous when knit into a nice lace scarf. Now comes the hard part: finding a stitch pattern that will do the yarn justice. I think I’ll try to make a ripply pattern, to honour the fact that 30% of the yarn came from the ocean.

In addition to that is two skeins of Inca Gold baby alpaca yarn, in black, which is soft and delicious, and is fated to become a warm seed stitch scarf to save me from the terrors of a Martime Canadian winter. The weather has turned bitterly cold here lately, and I need something soft and warm to wrap around my neck and face. The warmer I am, the less chance of my poor asthmatic lungs screwing up.

There’s a Livejournal community devoted now to Knit From Your Stash 2007, which I have happily joined. Mostly because people are posting pictures of their stashes, and I do enjoy a good peep show. *laughs* I look at their stashes, though, and feel insignificant. I feel like I don’t have half the yarn that these people do, and what the heck am I doing, participating in a challenge to rid myself of excess stash when I don’t have as much yarn overflow as all the others.

Then I remember that I think my stash is small because it’s currently spread all over the apartment, in various containers and bags, and is also primarily in the form of sweaters that have yet to be unravelled. If I think about it all that way . . . Holy crap, I have a lot of knitting to do!

I’ll likely end up posting pictures of my end-of-year stash both there and here, too, and again at the end of the KFYS07, just to see exactly how far I’ve come on my goal of destashing. Progress pictures always motivate more than, er, no progress pictures. And the community itself will probably lead me to some fun patterns that I haven’t considered before that might be good fun to knit up.

My ball winder will no doubt come in handy for dealing with the yarn recycled from the sweaters, though. Normally I just roll the yarn into a ball, and then have it come apart easily when the cats decide it’ll make a great toy. Also, balls can be harder to store than I previously imagined. If it’s all wound inter centre-pull cakes, that makes storage easier, it makes knitting the yarn easier, and it all just looks generally neater. I’ve spend a little while practicing with it, winding spare yarn into cakes, and it’s not only easy, it’s also far too addictive. I keep telling myself, “Just one more ball, just one more ball.”

I think I might just have a problem. *laughs*


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