The wooly wonder.

January 2, 2007 at 3:33 pm | Posted in Random babble | Leave a comment

Well, it seems the Knit From Your Stash tag is getting my blog a fair number of hits these past few days! Hurrah! (Or something)

I also received a fair boost to my ego the other day from Sandra, the woman at work to whom I gave that cashmere scarf I dyed and knit a while back. She said her daughter, who is apparently very picky and favours a punk style, saw the scarf on Sandra’s bed and liked it. Then felt it and liked it more. Sandra had to tell her to keep her mitts off it, since it’s cashmere and was a gift. Now I’m very tempted to dig out more of that cashmere yarn, dye some more, and knit another scarf for Sandra’s daughter. Heck, it’s not like I’m going to use it for anything else soon, and I enjoy the chance to experiment with Kool-Aid dyeing.

I’d be posting those Engrish instructions for my new ball winder right now, but alas, they seem to have been misplaced. Figures. Looks like we’ll all have to wait for that dose of hilarity.

In the meantime, though, I will demonstrate just how handy that thing has been so far.

I’ve spent a little while getting used to the thing, winding up spare skeins and balls that I have lying around. I must say, I like it. Much better to have stackable cakes than rolly balls.

I can’t tell if the cats love of hate the ball winder, though. The noise of me winding the handle seems to make them skittish at first, but the fact that I leave the skein on the floor as I wind up the ball, meaning that there’s a fun thing skittering all around to catch their attention, means that more than once I’ve had to separate cat claws from my yarn during the winding process.

Right now, though, kitties are having a well-deserved snooze on the bed.

(I need to get around to getting all, or at least most of my stash together in one place, to take pictures of it so that I can better measure my progress for KFYS07. yes, I’m a progress ho. I work best if I have competition, even if it’s just imagined competition. I see how much yarn other people have and how much they’re knitting, and I’m inspired to do more just to catch up with them. I’ll have time tonight to do some stash-hunting around the house. Pictures will probably come tomorrow.)


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