Finally warm!

January 10, 2007 at 9:17 am | Posted in FOs, Knit From Your Stash 2007, scarves | 1 Comment

The ribbed scarf is done!

Not the best picture, really, but the lighting in here sucks today, and alas, that was actually the best I could get. Regardless, it’s still a good scarf, nice and thick, and can wrap a time or two around my neck and mouth to keep me protected from the cold winds. That’s all that really matters to me, honestly.

Yessir, though, there are plenty of advantages to feeling like crap and not wanting to move from the couch. It makes for good knitting time. Nothing else to do while watching TV and listening to music, right?

Now, of course, instead of working on another WiP, like the black alpaca scarf, my mind is going, “You know, you did buy Victorian Lace Today for a reason. Why don’t you look through it and see what you want to make from it. The Stripes and Torchon Lace wrap looks fun, and you have good enough yarn for it. Besides, lace moves quickly because it keeps you occupied, and you can do the easy ‘one more repeat’ thing. Save the alapaca scarf for work, when you need some mindless knitting to keep you amused.”

Damn my brain’s impecable knitting logic.

Stripes and torchon lace it is. I’ll use that Trio Dolcina yarn, or Dolcina Trio, or whichever way it goes. The stuff doesn’t exist outside of this blog either way, according to Google, so I’ll just go with whatever I feel like. :p Mostly synthetic yarn, but there’s enough mohair and wool that it should still be able to block well, and I’m a sucker for pretty patterns done in black.

That’s not all the yarn I have, of course, but it’s enough to start off with.

Looks like the Dolcina breaks rather fairly easily. I had to spit-splice the yarn a few times while winding into those balls. I suppose I’ll just have to be careful when I knit and block it. I don’t really have any other yarns I want to use to make this wrap with. And if it doesn’t work out, well then it doesn’t work out. It’ll be a learning experiences, and I’ll have a load of scrap yarn to test random patterns out with. :p

So Branching out goes unfinished for even longer, it seems. My biggest problem with finishing that is I keep losing the pattern, and since I have no printer attached to this computer, I can’t just print it out. No, I have to handwrite the pattern, or dig out my graph paper and chart it, and I’d rather just get right on with knitting it. So having to do something else just makes me go, “Meh, I’ll just leave it for another time.”

I need a printer. That would solve all my problems.

Nick says, “If she’d just let me play with all her yarns, I bet it would solve my problems.”


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