A hot time in the old town tonight!

January 18, 2007 at 1:05 pm | Posted in lace, Miss Lambert's shawl, WIPs | Leave a comment

It’s been very cold around here lately, and the central heating system in this place only kicked in last night. Yesterday, though, I was huddled under a blanket in the living room, the cold making me sleepy, until I finally just got up and went into the bedroom and shivered under two blankets until I started to doze off and get some rest. Honestly, with lack-of-heat like that, it’s no wonder my sinuses have been shot to hell lately.

For the past few cold days, the heating system has either blown out lukewarm air, or cold air. The system is new, and was installed to help save the landlord a bit of money on heating this winter. Gee, I wonder how. But last night it finally came on full blast, and stayed that way so that this morning, I didn’t shiver while getting out of bed. In fact, it was rather pleasant, as the blankets were becoming a little too warm.

How’s that for heating!

On the knitting front, things have been going slowly, mostly because my fingers have been too cold to use the needles properly. At work, I’ve added another few inches to the black alpaca scarf, which is nice. (I love running my fingers over soft and bumpy seed stitch.) At home, I’ve done another few repeats of Miss Lambert’s shawl, but not too many.

It’s coming slowly, but at least it’s coming. And since the pattern is simple, once I’ve finished the alpaca scarf, I’m tempted to just forgo starting another work project and just bring in the shawl instead, to make yet more progress on it.

The only thing with that is that I hate bringing lace to work, since I never know when a call’s going to come in, and then I’ll get distracted and mess up the stitches. My first Branching Out had so many errors in it because of that, and I really don’t want the same thing to happen when I’m dealing with sticky mohair yarn that hates being frogged with a passion.

Maybe instead I’ll cast on for a simple paid of felted slippers. Or rather, slippers that will eventually be felted, since I can’t very well felt them while I’m at work. :p This seems like a pretty good pattern, so as soon as I find/buy some of the right size dpns, I can begin work. Lord knows they’ll come in handy wandering around this place! Tile floors and wonky heating makes a person want something between their feet and the floor!

I wish I were a kitty. They get to be warm and fuzzy all day, and nap whenever they feel like it. (I’d also get to sleep on the mail, as Jakob is doing.)


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