Not working is so much fun.

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I booked two days of paid time off work next week, which I’m eagerly looking forward to. I normally have Wednesdays and Thursdays off, which I will have as usual this week. Then I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The two days I booked off were Monday and Tuesday, and then I come around to my regular days off. So I get a nice little four-day weekend next week, and get paid for two of those days.

As much as I may not like my job much, it sure does come with a few nice perks.

I’m now over the 20% mark on Miss Lambert’s shawl! This is a pattern I’m really enjoying knitting, and I almost have it committed to memory. I usually only need a prompt at the beginning of each odd-numbered row, to remind me what stitch to start with, and then I don’t need to look at the chart until the next odd-numbered row. For someone with a memory like a rusty sieve, this is pretty darn impressive!

Unplying that silk blend yarn has been a slow tedious process at best, since my room is so cold that, well, drinks left in there overnight tend to have an icy skin on them by morning. (For the record, I don’t sleep in my room. I have no bed. I’ll leave it to everyone to puzzle over my sleeping arrangements if you dare. :p) Anyway, as a result of the cold in there, I’m not usually too keen to go in there and freeze my fingers off to unply the yarn.

Maybe I ought to unscrew the yarn winder and see if it’ll fit properly on the kitchen table instead. The kitchen’s a bit warmer than my room, and I can sit there and unply much longer than I can in the Freezing Room of Doom.

While digging around in some stuff last night, I found one of my many written copies of the pattern for Branching Out, which means that once a few other projects are done, I can get back to doing that. It’ll be nice to have an old UFO become an FO. Really, the only thing that’s stopped me is the lack of a pattern, since the darn things seem to get lost as quickly as I can write them out. (No printing them out for me, no sir. I have no printer attached to my computer.)

I have no real desire to keep the Branching Out scarf once it’s finished. I like the pattern, but when it’s cold enough to wear a scarf, I want one that’s thick and long and warm, not one that’s lacy and pretty. Even if it is made from wool/angora yarn, the pattern’s too open to offer much warmth.

Maybe I’ll find out who’s having a birthday in the early spring, and give it to them as a present.

This is part of the problem with being more of a process knitter than a product knitter. I enjoy knitting things for, well, the joy of knitting things. I often have no idea what I’m going to do with them once they’re finished. The only projects right now that I have purposes for that are intended for me are . . .

Well, the only things I can think of are the hat that needs to be started, and Miss Lambert’s shawl, for when it gets chilly at work. That’s it. Other projects I’m planning have intended recipients, but for the most part, I knit things because I want to knit them, not because I particularly want them.

I have to have an entire chest full of lace shawls, but I know I’ll probably never wear anything so fancy! I’m a rather plain person in my mode of dress, and so rarely have a need to wear something like a light and lacy shawl.

And here’s Jakob, doing his best impression of a furry discus.


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