A learning experience.

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Yesterday at City Market, I went to the Wool Fondlers event. I didn’t plan on it, mostly because I thought I’d be working yesterday for some reason, and thus had tried to put any sort of fibre festival out of my mind, lest I get disappointed about not being able to go.

But since I was there, and it was there, I took advantage of some the displays, and learned a bit. I got a demonstration of how to ply on a spinning wheel, and a good demonstration of how to use my drop spindle. I learn best by observing, honestly, and while the instructions I found online were helpful, they were nothing compared to watching someone actually do it for a minute. I’m now confident that I can do just fine on my own, and with a bit of practice, I’ll be able to get an even yarn going.

I also was shown how to weave on a table loom, which was much simpler than I thought it would be. I learned how to read a weaving pattern, how some of the parts of the loom work, and the difference between table looms and floor looms. Then the weaver and I stood talking about alpacas, hand-dyed yarn, and the dangers of trying to dye acrylic yarns with basic dyes in your own home. She gave me her email address if I ever want to chat again or if I have some any questions about various fibre arts.

So the day was pretty educational, as far as I’m concerned. I learned things, and my desire for a small fibre farm was rekindled, giving me a goal to aim for again. Heck, can’t complain at that!

The only down side was that I had no money, and even if I did have some, I’ve vowed not to buy yarn until the end of September. But oh, that handspun hand-painted alpaca yarn in purples, blues, and deep pinks was really tempting!

Miss Lambert

(I’m beginning the think that the only way to tell that I’m making progress on this repetitive pattern is to see how much smaller the needle looks compared to the knitting, each time I take a picture. Otherwise, it may as well be the same image each time!)

I’m sitting at about 33.33 bar percent of the body of the stole. It would be more, but I actually didn’t knit a thing on Wednesday! Nope, all that was knit on Thursday, while watching DVDs from Star Trek: The Borg Fan Collective. Why yes, I am a complete and total nerd. Why do you ask?

I ought to make some decent progress on Miss Lambert’s shawl over the first half of next week, during which I do not work. Hurrah for paid time off! I’m hoping to get it to the halfway point. That shouldn’t be too hard, if I’m diligent.

I’ve decided that once the shawl’s done, I’m going to send it to my grandmother. My only remaining grandparent at all, really, and I don’t give her half as much as she gives me (she’s quite well known for sending money to me on just about every conceivable holiday, and even more for completely random occasions), so it’s about time I gave her something nice too. A handknit wrap to keep her warm on some of the cooler days and nights (not that the northeast of England is half as cold as Canada, mind you), and maybe to wear to church on Sundays, if she so desires. I think she’ll like it. It’s black, which goes with just about everything, and honestly, I think she’ll like it just based on the fact that I made it for her.

And yes, I did change the layout of this blog yet again. I can’t quite settle on a layout that I like 100%. They all have neat things, but the ones I like the layout of have a default text size that’s way too big. The one’s with the right text size have header images that can’t be changed, or a really ugly colour scheme. The ones that have a good text size and nice colours of customizable headers don’t have a good layout of the side columns. (Yes, I’m also very picky.) But this one’s good enough for now. And now I have a nice image at the top of the page, which I’ve missed having around. I think it looks pretty decent.

Nick thinks so too.


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