A change of pace.

January 31, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in WIPs | Leave a comment

Now, I’m sure you’re all tired of seeing my progress on Miss Lambert’s shawl, so instead I’ll show you the progress on my seed stitch alpaca scarf!

Suddenly the shawl seems more interesting, doesn’t it? :p

(God, that’s an awful picture. I can never manage, even with the flash, to get decent lighting. It’s either too light, or too dark. I’m beginning to think I may need to bite the bullet andjust get a better camera.)

I’m finally using the second ball of alpaca that I thought for this. Progress on this scarf has been incredibly slow, due to the fact that I’m really only taking a few stitches here and there, in between calls at work. On a slow days, I can get some decent progress. On the busy days, I’m lucky if I get to knit three or four rows.

But I’m officially halfway done. From this point on, I’m coming out of the soft black alpaca forest. (Wait, why do I want to do this? I’d like to stay in the alpaca forest, if you please. Those trees would be awfully soft and warm.)

I think next time I do a large lace project, I’ll do a sampler shawl. At least that would make for more interesting progress pictures, since the pattern would be changing more frequently. Or, you know, changing at all.

Nick and Jakob don’t mind the lack of change. They like to stay the way they’ve always been.


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