A return to the within.

February 2, 2007 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Knit From Your Stash 2007, lace, Miss Lambert's shawl, WIPs | 1 Comment

Fancy post title, given that all I’m doing is returning us to our regularly scheduled shawl updates.


We had quite a snowstorm last night, which was nice to see. Late at night, when the snow was still falling thickly but no one had gone outside yet to spoil it, it was very pretty. It’s one of the only times I enjoy snow being on the ground, when it’s fresh and clean. Once cars drive through it and people walk through it and salt and dirt mix with it, it turns ugly, and it’s no longer as enjoyable.

But in addition to the snow, we had thunder and lightning. Only once, but no one I’ve spoken to about it ever remembers that happening in the winter before. e usually only get thunder and lightning with the rains, as most people do. This is the first snowstorm here that I’ve ever seen this happen in. It was pretty odd, to say the least!

Miss Lambert’s shawl, as per usual.

I managed to get to the halfway mark of the body of the shawl over my long weekend away from work. I expected to get further, but I did surprisingly little knitting over the past four days. I lazed around, playing some video games, watched some TV, and didn’t touch my knitting very much at all. It’s a shame, really, since I probably could have managed to get beyond the halfway point.

Oh well. I’m still ahead of where I thought I’d be. When I first started this, I was planning to make it a very slow project, doing one repeat a night. Since I got the hang of the pattern, though, I’ve done two repeats a night, sometimes more, while watching TV or watching my roommate play video games.

This thing is going to look really nice once it’s blocked. I’m only hoping I can find enough space to properly block it. I managed to block the Faggiest Necktie on my bedroom floor, but that’s definitely not going to work. Not nearly enough room in there to block out a shawl. I’m probably going to need a blocking board or something, which I’ll have to have leaning against something else, just because we have so little room in the apartment. My bedroom is the only room that’s closed off to the cats, so that’s probably the safest place to block something.

Knit From Your Stash progress.

I’ve actually accomplished something this January. I managed to use up four balls of yarn, and am part of the way through two others. That may not seem like much, but given that I haven’t augmented the stash any, or replaced the ‘lost’ balls, that’s some progress after all. Hopefully next month I’ll manage to get a bit more knitting done, and bring my stash even further down.

Knitting goals for February.

~ Finish the body of Miss Lambert’s shawl.
~ Finish the alpaca seed stitch scarf.
~ Knit the hat that will match the ribbed scarf
~ Finish Branching Out
~ Dye at least three balls of yarn.

Small goals, but I’m sure I can get them done. Dyeing yarn . . . Well, i can keep knitting while the dye’s setting, even, so it’s not like that’ll take much. The shawl I can keep working on at home. The seed stitch scarf and the hat I can work on at work, and I’m sure I can get Branching Out finished in between both home and work. More likely to be knit at home than work, though, since I don’t like doing lace at work. Too many distractions, too many chances for me to mess up without noticing until it’s too late to go and fix it. (I hate tinking back when I’m knitting lace.)

Jakob, being a comfy sleepy kitty, doesn’t seem to care what I do when knitting lace, so long as his spot on the bed remains undisturbed.


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