I-cording across the universe.

February 4, 2007 at 7:20 pm | Posted in WIPs | 1 Comment


It snowed again yesterday, and fairly heavily. No thunder and lightning, though. Just pretty fat snowflakes drifting down from the sky. As always when it snows here, it wasn’t very cold, which makes the only annoyance the fact that my sneakers have gaping holes in them to let the cold and the wet through.

I desperately need a new pair of sneakers. Or possibly some waxed thread to set up the holes in my current pair. I could probably do that, given enough time and a good enough needle.

Always going forward, and never in reverse.

I took a bit of a break from knitting the shawl in favour of doing a little knitting on the i-cord rug that I started a while back. It’s nothing special. Tan acrylic yarn that I got from a Value Village grab bag, which probably cost me all of 20 cents for the yarn.

When the cord got long enough that it got a bit annoying to transport, I thought it was about time I started sewing it up. So I grabbed some pretty red yarn, thinking red on tan would be a nice warm colour combination, and started sewing.

I neglected to figure out that the red yarn wouldn’t really be visible from the top of the rug if it was being sewn at the bottom. *headdesk*

However, I like the way the red looks against the tan that I’m tempted to sew a line of red along the top, spiraling with the rest of the cord, to add a bit of colour to the whole project. That, of course, will only happen once the whole thing is sewn up. Makes it easier that way.

Our front door opens inward, so putting this rug inside would just result in it getting pushed across the floor a lot and jamming the door. Instead, I’ll probably place it in the hallway just outside our front door. It’ll be good there to wipe our feet on, and if someone swipes it . . . Well, like I said, the yarn probably only cost me about 20 cents, and it’s not like I won’t be able to make another. I knit for the joy of knitting, not for the finished product, so making another one won’t be a big deal for me. And if someone wants a doormat so badly that they’re willing to steal it, then they probably need it more than I do.

“If someone steals your doormat, I’ll hunt them down!” Jakob meows indignantly.


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  1. now I’ll stay in touch..

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