Dye time!

February 13, 2007 at 1:14 am | Posted in Dyeing | 1 Comment

Time for another batch of Kool-Aid dyeing! Tonight, I got rather bored and decided to experiment a little.

First off, I tried a few packets of that mystery colour Kool-Aid, the one in the blue packet. Turns out it’s green, so I have another skein of Grinch-green yarn. (Though with the slight bits of yellow in there, it might also be a sort of springtime green instead.) This time, it’s 100% wool, I’d estimate in a heavy worsted weight. Scratchy wool, so it’s not much good for anything but dyeing and felting, but heck, that’s what I’m going to do with it!

That skein next to it is what happens when 1 packet of grape Kool-Aid is in one pot, and three packets of cherry Kool-Aid is in another. I finally got around to trying two-colour dyeing. It’s not as hard as it looks. A little fiddly, trying to get the dye to cover all the yarn, and trying to keep the exposed yarn wet, but with a little perseverance, it paid off. I think the purple and red is going to look rather interesting as, say, a pair of felted slippers.

The last one wasn’t originally going to be done, but the previous skein didn’t absorb all the red Kool-Aid, and so there was still a good amount left in the pot. I figured it wasn’t worth wasting, so I stuck in another skein, hoping to turn this one pink. It ended up a sort of dark watermelon colour, which you can’t really tell from the picture. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

I tied acrylic yarn tightly around the skein in 9 places, too, to keep the dye from soaking into all the yarn. My hope was to get it slightly variegated, so that the original off-white/cream colour would show through also. No way to tell if it worked properly until the skein is dry, I suppose. But that’ll only take a day or so, so I shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out if the experiment was successful.

I really enjoy dyeing with Kool-Aid. I suspect I’d enjoy dyeing with not-Kool-Aid, too, if I had access to some proper dyes, but since I’m a cheapy, and have no credit card, I’ll just have to make do. Next time, I want to try mixing a load of different colours in many different mugs, and then heating it in the microwave, to create some really crazy-coloured yarn.

No kitty pictures tonight, I’m afraid. Photobucket is uploading at a snail’s pace, and it’s far too cold to sit in my room any longer while I wait for it to be loaded. I promise you a double-feature in my next post, to make up for it.


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  1. I love that green. What flavor was the packet?

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