So little progress.

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Miss Lambert

Miss Lambert has turned into Miss Languished right now, since it’s been a good few days since I’ve worked in it. I have my hands full with trying not to be sick, and with knitting my hat so that my head can stay warm during the cold snap that we’re having. I have a high forehead, and the hood of my coat doesn’t come down low enough to cover it all and keep me warm.

However, where Miss Lambert is concerned, I’m about 75% done the body of the shawl, so I probably should be able to finish that part by the end of the month.

But without further ado, I present to you . . .

My hat, and on my head, no less! (Do excuse the fact that my eyes are closed. The flash on my camera comes when it wants to, not when I want it to, and I thought I had enough time to blink.) I finished it at work yesterday, in between calls, and it now has its place as the third FO of 2007. Not too shabby, I’d say.


In case anyone’s curious how those skeins of wool turned out looking when they’re all nicely balled up, this one’s for you!

The green one isn’t actually a solid green. It shifts through the shades, being yellowy-green, bright green, a pale blue-green. It rather reminds me of grass in the autumn or spring, where you’ve got last year’s growth, but still got a lot of new growth coming through.

This ball will end up being a felted slipper. Just one, mind, since I suspect I’ll have to dye up another ball to make the second. Fortunately, I remember what packets of Kool Aid I used to make the first one. Anyway, the slippers will be my new work projects, since the pattern that I found for them doesn’t seem to be that complicated. (Though I plan to make some adjustments to it, like picking up stitches around the cuff to make a bit of a leg. And, of course, changing the yarn weight and needle size. I’m basically just using it as a guideline, really.)

Kitty Double-Feature!

I promised you a double feature of kitties to make up for last post not having them. So here it is! Nick being a spaz and running behind the blinds, and Jakob looking at him and wondering what his catnip was cut with!


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