Photoless post!

February 23, 2007 at 3:25 pm | Posted in books, Random babble | 2 Comments

Yup, one of the few photoless posts on this blog of late. Mostly this one has no photos because, well, I’m a lazy slacker and have accomplished next to nothing over the past week. Except for knitting 1 slipper to be felted, and 1/4 of the second slipper, and a few garter-stitch blanket squares, I’ve done nothing.

At least I have excuses, however flimsy they may be.

First off, I’ve been watching fansubs of Ouran High School Host Club with my roommate, which takes up a decent amount of concentration, since I have to rely on subtitles because my grasp of the Japanese language isn’t as good as I want it to be. Hence the garter stitch blanket squares, since they require almost no attention paid to them. No knitting on Miss Lambert for me during that, no sir!

Second, and not as important as to why little knitting has occured, but it’s still a factor, is the fact that I had large chunks of two toenails removed a few days ago. I’ve had ingrown toenails for years, and they got, well, pretty bad. Infected, swollen, painful. Just generally not nice. I made a podiatrist appointment, and went in there fully expecting him to look at my toes and then we could discuss options.

Instead, he pulled out a pair of what looked like wire cutters, and proceeded to snip away bits of the offending nails. It hurt like merry hell, but better that it hurts a lot now than continues getting worse for the rest of my life.

But even if I’m not knitting, I do still have my eye on knitting-related things. I recently bought a stitch calendar, which is stitting on my computer desk at home. I look forward to being able to flip to a new page each morning to see what stitch pattern is revealed. I’ve already seen quite a few I want to mess around with in the future.

Today, I also bought Scarf Style, keeping in tradition with my biweekly payday splurge. It was worth it. I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now. At some point, I’m going to grab copies of Wrap Style and Lace Style, too. The woman at Cricket Cove also recommended Folk Vests, since she said there are some great designs in there that help use up little leftover scraps of yarn. I’ll have to check that out at some point, too.

Heh. It seems that I’m making up for not having any pictures by putting in a whole load of links. May you all enjoy my corporate whoring. XD

I’d also like to take this moment to apologize to KnitKitten. When you ran into us uptown that day, I seemed pretty out of it, huh? I promise, I wasn’t bored, or unhappy to see you. I was in pain from my newly snipped-at toenails, and was dying to get home so I could take off my sneakers and rest. Pain makes me act funny. :p



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  1. Wish I had a better grasp on Japanese as well! I have much Naruto to go, and finding garter stitch projects is a must. Hope your feets get better!

  2. Oh, don’t worry about it. At the time, I was kind of wondering, “Hmm, did I do something wrong?” but then I forgot about it. Although of course it’s nice to know that you *weren’t* unhappy to see me. I hope your toes are feeling better.

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