Wednesday, Wednesday, so good to me.

February 28, 2007 at 3:20 pm | Posted in FOs, lace, Miss Lambert's shawl | 3 Comments

Okay, so the lyrics aren’t quire right, but I’m going to run with it anyway.

So, you may be wondering, what have I been knitting at work these past few days. I still haven’t dyed up the yarn to finish the last slipper, and I don’t like doing lace at work, so most other projects I like are right out.

Well, I’ll show you!

It’s the Petal Bib, from One Skein, which has been in my WiP section for a few days now. It’s not the fanciest colour, but this was the only cotton that I have. I would have liked to have knit it in a nicer colour, especially since it’s being made for the soon-to-be-born baby of a coworker that I’m freinds with, but, well, beggars can’t be choosers. One person pointed out that this colour isn’t going to show food stains very much, so that’s a benefit to the colour, at least.

I did learn a few useful tricks while making this bib, the most notable of these being short rows, and attaching i-cord edging. Both of which were much easier than I thought they’d be. Hurrah!

Miss Lambert

Yes, I have been knitting on Miss Lambert. I knit a bit on it last night, and now I only have 8.25 pattern repeats to go before I can bind off the body and start on the edging. This is good news. The bad news is that I wanted to get the body of the shawl done by the end of February. Since today is the last day . . . Nuh-uh. It isn’t getting done.

I’d have been able to do it, I’m sure, if I hadn’t spent a few days procrastinating and rationalizing it by calling it ‘relaxing’. I should know by now that when I have goals in mind, I don’t often have time to procrastinate on them.

Hopefully, though, I should still be able to finish off the whole shawl, block it, and send it off to my grandmother by the end of March. I somehow doubt the edging will take as long to do as the body, since the rows are shorter. The pattern may take some adjusting to, and I’ve never done edging before, so that’ll slow me down a little, but over all I don’t expect it to take quite as long as knitting the body.

Now it’s time for a little . . .

Q & A!

In this entry, Red Crochet (who looks to be way better at crochet than I’ll ever be!) asked, “I love that green. What flavor was the packet?”

For the green skein, I dumped in 3 packets of a mystery colour and flavour Kool-Aid that was in a blue packet. (I have no idea if they have more than 1 colour-switching Kool-Aid, so it’s probably best to be that thorough with my answer there. :p) Then went in a packet of regular green Kool-Aid, which I think is lemon-lime. I also added a packet of blue raspberry Kool-Aid, which is annoyingly hard to find at the supermarket I go to, for some reason.

Interestingly enough, the blue raspberry Kool-Aid has kind of a milky appearance, and even after all the blue dye had been absorbed into the yarn, the water was still a milky white. I have no idea why that is, or if the milky stuff would have eventually been absorbed had I left the yarn in the dye pot for longer, but I thought it was neat enough to be wort mentioning.

Podcasts in detail.

It never rains but pours, as they say. In addition to listening to Cast On, I’ve also discovered KnitCast, FiberCast, BritKnitCast, Sticks & String, It’s a Purl, Man, and finally got around to starting the downloads for Quirky Nomads, which I’ve heard so very much about. The problem here? I can only listen to one at once! And some have been going on long enough that I have many back episodes to catch up on! I’ve only on episode 14 of Cast On, there are 45 episodes out right now, and I’d like to get through it all before I tackle listening to another series. Which means, aside from the fact that I may be setting myself up for a never-ending auditory project, that I will probably never be without entertainment again.

I really wish I did have a job in data entry again. There, I can listen to music while I work, and I’ve learned to section off the part of my brain that listen from the parts that make me type, meaning I very rarely type the words I’m hearing, but can still listen fairly well to what’s coming through my earphones.

It’s made me somewhat tempted to start up a podcast of my own. It’d be nice to climb aboard that bandwagon, too. But then I think to myself, “What do I have to say about knitting that everyone else hasn’t already said?” The answer is simple: Nothing. Everyone else has already said it. Knitting topics in conversation are finite, after all, and one can only say so much before one simply runs out of things to say. (Unless you’re really damn good at what you do, of course. Then you can always find something else!)

So okay, maybe my podcast shouldn’t be about knitting. But what can it be about? Maybe just my life in general? That could run the gamut from knitting, video games, working at a call centre and putting up with assholes, all the way down to health and Canadian weather. But I can just about guarantee that while there are people who are interested in those things, there probably aren’t many who are interested in all of them at the same time.

So in conclusion, I will not be doing a podcast for a good long while, if ever. I’ll be content to sit and listen, until better inspiration strikes me, and I can stand up on that virtual stage and get my five seconds of fame.

Look, even Jakob’s been bored to sleep by the thought of me doing a podcast!



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  1. Thanks for the kool-aid answer and the compliment. I’ve never seen this “mystery” kool aid before; my supermarket only stocks straight-up fruit flavors. I’ll keep an eye out, though!

    Nice job on the bib. Can’t wait to see what Miss Lambert looks like.

  2. I’ve read good things about Lime & Violet, although the only knitting podcasts I’ve been listening to so far are KnitCast and Cast On. Oh, and I’ve also started listening to MoshKnit, because the podcaster is considering starting a segment of it about being bipolar and how one’s manic depression relates to one’s crafting.

  3. […] beige stuff is the same yarn I used to knit the Petal Bib, only this time, the yarncake there is the entire front of the sweater in question. Quite a big […]

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