FO: rat hammock

March 10, 2007 at 1:36 pm | Posted in FOs, Reinyarnations | 3 Comments

Here it is, pinned to my bedroom wall for blocking. Yes, when you have little space and few materials, you learn to make do. It’s hanging up there with many many pushpins.

Knit on US size 1 needles, with pink variegated crochet cotton. I cast on 5 stitches, knit into the front and the back of both the first and the last stitches on each RS row, then purled every WS row until I figured it was wide enough. Then I just K2tog’d the first and last stitches of each RS row, continuing to purl on the WS rows, until I was back to 5 stitches. Bind off, block, and enjoy.

I rather like the way the colours ended up blending. I’m sure the effect will be lost on silk and Sniffles, but they’ll have something comfy to sleep in. Our old rats, Reiji and Naoya, loved to sleep on the makeshift hammock that was in their cage. Hopefully Sniffles and Silk will do the same. If not, well, it’s not like I wasted huge amount of time and money to make this thing.

Stash enhancement

I know what you’re thinking. “What, she went out and got new yarn? But isn’t she on that Knit From Your Stash thing?” Well, yes, I still am, but I consider this stash enhancement still. It was already in my stash, but just in the form of sweaters. I merely unravelled them and wound them on the ball winder. It’s like getting new yarn to use, but I didn’t add anything to my stash that wasn’t already there.

(Do excuse the lousy picture . . .)

The beige stuff is the same yarn I used to knit the Petal Bib, only this time, the yarncake there is the entire front of the sweater in question. Quite a big ball! The green stuff next to it is an angora blend yarn, singles, in what I think is laceweight. That’s the sleeve and the collar from the sweater. As you can imagine, the other sleeve, the front, and the back of the sweater will give me considerably more yarn.

I have no idea what to do with the cotton, though I suspect the green angora blend will end up as a shawl. Not sure which one. And there’ll probably be enough yarn to knit the shawl and have some left over, too. I’m sure I’ll fill you in on the details once I actually know them. :p


I’ve taken the i-cord rug off the WiP section on the sidebar for two reasons. One, because I’m currently very bored with it, and 2, because the damned thing keeps curling up. Next time, I make it outof wool, so I can block it flat once it’s finished. I’ve learned a lesson, at least, and I can’t ask for much more than that from a failed project.

Miss Lambert, however, is still up there. I decided against giving it an edging, because when I tried, it just didn’t look right. After a few repeats, I just didn’t like how the border looked, so in the end, I just bound off the edges and left it at that. It will be blocked on Monday, when I have a day off work to spend pinning it to my bedroom wall. I’ll post pictures once it’s all nice and blocked out, so we can all see how the pattern looks.

So that only leaves Miss Lambert and the second felted slipper on the WiP bar. The felted slippers will probably be finished in a day or so, if it’s dead at work and I can knit away happily. Sewing it can also be done at work. But felting will have to wait until I can have access to a washing machine, and that might not be for another week or so. I’m tempted to go and use the local laundromat, but that’s a rather steep price to pay just for felting a pair of slippers. I can, of course, also do my laundry while I’m there, though . . . I guess we’ll just have to see. If I can find the spare cash, I can probably go to the laundromat on Monday or Tuesday, one of my days off work.

It seems I’ve been rather productive lately in terms of finishing projects. I feel almost proud of myself. :p

Jakob, however, just feels sleepy.



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  1. Aren’t you afraid they’ll eat it? My rats chew up all the soft, comfy things I give them to snuggle with. Every few weeks I have to throw out the shredded object and put something new in there. Still, you must be a very good rat mommy to go to all that trouble. It’s quite sweet, really.
    Hooray for ratties!

  2. Just the words “rat hammock” make me smile. I wonder if my brother’s girlfriend has a hammock for her rat. I must ask her.

  3. I’ve tossed around the idea to knit something for my rats, but the only thing I made was a purple boucle dress for my naked rat. She didn’t like wearing it though, because she didn’t like being restrained. When I put it on her “brother”, he looked so squished in it and looked like a cartoon.
    I haven’t dared knit or crochet something that would stay in my ratties’ cages due to the chew-factor.

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