A seventh weird thing.

March 12, 2007 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Dyeing, Random babble, scarves, WIPs | 3 Comments

Last night, I thought of something I should have said on the Six Weird Things meme, so I’m adding a belated seventh one.

7) When I’m talking to my pets, I refer to myself as Tater. Not Mommy or Daddy (my roommate is Daddy), but Tater. This was because I don’t identify with any specific gender, I wanted a gender-nonspecific affectionate term to use for myself. I noted that most gender-nonspecific pronouns being with ‘T’ (like ‘they’, for example), and then took the similarities between Mater (mother) and Pater (father), and thus ended up with Tater. Even if it makes me sound like a potato, I like it.

New Knitting

I decided, after seeing many people I know complete Feather-and-Fan scarves, to finally get around to knitting one of my own. I was originally going to knit it in some pink and purple mohair yarn that I have, alternating the colours in bands, but I’m not that fond of mohair. I did, however, have some crochet cotton in my stash, variegated blues and green, like ocean colours, and thought it would look nice in a waving pattern like Feather-and-Fan.

So I cast on god-only-knows how many stitches, a multiple of 18, and started knitting.

You know, I think I chose a good yarn for this pattern.

I want this to be a wide scarf, more for just a random accessory than for any real warmth. (As is evidenced by the fact that I’m using cool cotton and not warm wool.) After blocking, it’ll no doubt get even wider.

More dye stuff.

Remember the last batch of wool I dyed? Remember how I dyed one that was wound into a ball to see if I could get it to be paler in the middle? I didn’t think it worked, until I unwound the skein entirely and then wound it back up again.

The yarn is a little more orange in real life, but it’s still the best image I could get of it. The outside of this ball is the inside of the ball when it was dyed. It came out looking really nice and mottled, just the effect I was going for!

Now, if only I can figure out how to get this effect without ‘wasting’ the outer yarn on the ball to do so. I could, I suppose, just divide the yarn in half, and separate the well-dyed part from the mottled part, but finding the dividing line might be tricky, and it’s still going to be paler deeper on down the ball.

I need to experiment with this more, though, to see if I can make some improvements on the process. I’m curious as to how it’ll knit up, too. Once the right needles are free, I’ll knit up a small swatch and find out.

And now, in the grand tradition (and I do mean ‘grand’!) of knitting kitties, I give you Nick, lounging around on the bed.

He’s either really fat, or has a small head. Take your pick. You’re probably right no matter which one you guess.

(Actually, he is a large cat. He weighs about 12 pounds, and I promise you it’s not all fat! He’s just built really big.)



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  1. Ooh, that colour looks really great in that pattern (not that I have an obsession with variegated blues and greens or anything, oh no, not me).

    This post reminds me — I meant to ask if there are any gender-nonspecific pronouns you prefer to use, since I know I’ve referred to you as “her” somewhere on my blog.

  2. Ooh, pretty! I’m also addicted to that color scheme and have had to be really carefully not to buy all my yarn in that color.

  3. […] I’ve also done a fair bit on the feather and fan scarf. And by a fair bit, I mean it’s about quadrupled in size since I last took a picture of it. […]

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