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March 17, 2007 at 8:28 pm | Posted in Dyeing | Leave a comment

Apparently angora absorbs Kool Aid like a mad fiend. 5 packets of Kool Aid, and the water is still clearing quicker than I expected it would. It’s a shame that I’m currently out of Kool Aid. I’d like to see just how deep and bright a green I can get this yarn.

The yarn was originally this colour:

I think, though, that since some of the yarn didn’t get a chance to absorb much dye (some areas are a deeper green than others), that I’m going to do another batch next Friday, when I have the money to buy a lot more Kool Aid. This batch is now hanging in the bathroom to dry. No idea what I’ll do with it, of course. It’s a sweater-sleeve worth of yarn, so maybe I can make a nice lace scarf from it. There ought to be enough for that, I’m sure.

Or maybe I can get my tiny dpns out and make a pair of socks. The yarn is incredibly soft, and has synthetic fibre in it for durability. Besides, I do need practice making socks. I want to knit at least one pair before the year’s out. (And I hear once you start, you can’t stop!)

Why did I dye up this skein, though? A friend has asked me to knit an altar cloth for them. Specifically, they wanted an altar cloth made from yarn that smells like Kool-Aid, and I was only to happy to oblige. :D I’d been wanting to see how well the angora blend yarn dyed, and this was the perfect chance.

So this skein, which was originally going to be turned into an altar cloth, will not be. Next Friday’s skein (or possibly skeins), however, will.

Nick doesn’t care when I do things, so long as he gets to look cute in the process.


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