Flipping back and forth.

March 20, 2007 at 12:52 am | Posted in Knit From Your Stash 2007, log cabin blanket, Random babble, WIPs | 3 Comments

It seems I’ve been unable to stick to one project over this past week. I’ll knit an inch of the soon-to-be-felted slipper, then I’ll get bored of that and do another few rows of the feather and fan scarf, then tire of that and switch the knitting more of the log cabin blanket I started a while ago.

The log cabin blanket, obviously, and it’s currently about 14 inches both wide and high. I’m knitting this out of odd balls of worsted weight acrylic yarn, usually stuff that came from the grab bags at Value Village. It’s nothing special, but I enjoy big but simple projects, and this is definitely one of those. I’ve become a lot better at picking up stitches since I started working on this.

Also, Canada is a very cold place for about half of the year. One can never have too many blankets!

Besides, in addition to keeping me warm, this is a very good way for me to whittle down my yarn stash, to get it to a more manageable level. It’s still taking over the house, but it’s losing territory, and that’s what I like to hear! (Of course, you just know once KFYS ’07 is over, I’ll go out and buy a bunch of yarn to replace all that I ‘lost’, don’t you? :p)

Non-knitting news

I received a letter from my grandmother today, inviting me to go back home for a holiday this summer, and she’ll pay for the flight! I most certainly will be taking her up on that offer, since I didn’t think I’d be able to go back for at least another year or two.

Now, for those who don’t know (and I bet that’s all of you), I was born in the northeast of England, and moved to Canada when I was 5, when my father was offered a job at the now-closed dry dock that was in this city. I’ve gone back over a few times before now, for holidays, but this will be the first time I’ll have ever done it on my own.

Anyway, even though my grandmother will be paying for the flight, it’ll be unfair of me to assume you’ll provide my spending money, too, so over the coming few months, the For Sale section will have some actual stuff in it. Mostly hand-dyed recycled yarns, and some sets of stitch markers, and a few other assorted little bits and bobs, all in an effort to save some money for going home.

Jakob’s happy for me. He expresses it by snoring.



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  1. I have been the same way this week! Making me crazy, because I’d just like to finish something!

  2. I have craft ADD, so I can relate. Hey, I like the log cabin blanket. It looks like an abstract painting.

  3. The log cabin blanket looks like fun to work on. Speaking of log cabin, I was just looking through a bunch of quilting books, ’cause my mom asked me to borrow some from the library here so she can look at them. I guess she’s read all the ones they have in Sydney.

    I want to go to England! Pout. At least I’m going to Halifax tomorrow, which is where I’m going to see my mom.

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