A little progress is better than no progress at all.

April 18, 2007 at 12:24 am | Posted in Akatonbo, lace, scarves, WIPs | Leave a comment

I have managed another repeat and a half of the Akatonbo scarf over the past little while, during my shifts at work. They’ve removed the ability for us to surf the Internet there now, so I’m keeping myself busy on the dead days by doing more knitting. (And reading lengthy fanfiction that I send to my work email address, but that’s not really important.)

One of these days I have to get a really good picture of the dragonfly lace pattern. I looks a lot prettier in person, and I suspect will really turn out nicely when blocked. In the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for the sketchy outline of a crappy dragonfly.

I’ve also done a fair bit on the feather and fan scarf. And by a fair bit, I mean it’s about quadrupled in size since I last took a picture of it.

Of course, this still doesn’t make it very large. But it’s growing, nonetheless, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Oh, and does anyone remember the rat hammock? As predicted, yes, Sniffles has chewed it to bits. I hung it from the top of his cage, and he ignored it for the longest time, until I looked at it one day and realized it was now only hanging by two of its four strings, and some of the edges had been chewed on. I think it’s now down to one string.

Ah well. Can’t expect more, really. I knew he’d eat it as soon as I started casting on for it!

Vacation news

My grandmother has decided to send me about $700 more than I need to pay for the plane tickets, so I won’t need to start selling things and saving all my pennies as I had originally assumed. This means all my yarn is mine, mine I say! Mwahaha!

Ahem. Sorry. I do get a little possessive when it comes to fibre. I’m sure you all understand, right?


Nick thinks I’m bonkers. What else is new?

However, I’m not sure I trust the opinion of a cat who likes spending his free time lounging about in the bathtub.


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