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It’s not uncommon with me that when I have a little bit of money to spare, I spend it on something enjoyable. Normally, this thing is yarn. KFYS’07 cuts back on that, however, and thus I’ve “needed” to find something else to spend my money on.

Usually, it’s books and knitting patterns. This past Friday, it was both.

I picked up a copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off. I must confess myself a little disappointed by this book, at least the first half of it. While the approach of looking at knitting in the way of a travel guide is pretty neat, it took until halfway through the book for me to be interested in what I was reading. All the stuff in the first half seemed to be repetitions of previously-told stories, or regurgitations of things said on nearly every knitting site and blog I’ve ever read.

That isn’t to say it’s a bad book. Far from it. I really enjoy reading Yarn Harlot‘s books. It just took me longer than normal to get into it, that’s all. Once I got to the second half of the book, and came across things like “knitting diseases” and “endangered knitting species,” I was greatly entertained.

Anyway, book reviews aside, my next stop was to Cricket Cove. I was going to buy a new book about lace knitting with handdyed yarns (When I remember the title, I’ll put in a link to it), but then just happened to glance to the side and saw their ring binder with shawl patterns. I flipped through it, and was pleasantly surprised to find the very last copy of the Creatures of the Reef shawl for only $10. I couldn’t pass that up. It was 1/4 the price of the book, and the last copy. There were multiple copies of the book. It was an easy decision to make.

However, I don’t have the right yarn or needles for the shawl, so I won’t be making it for some time. But when I do have the right materials, I can be happy knowing that I also have the pattern, and won’t have to go hunting it down somewhere else.

Nothing else to really talk about. It’s been a slow weekend. Not much knitting has been happening, unless you count a few more rows of the akatonbo scarf. Not even enough to qualify for a picture!

I promise this coming week will be more productive!

I have discovered that I am in desperate need of some 40-inch US 10 circulars, however, because while browsing Elann.com, I found a beautiful pattern for a Sun Ray shawl. I have quite a few balls of the Peruvian Highland Wool that were sent to me by the ever-lovely Agnes, and I’ve been wondering what to do with them for a long time. A cabled vest would have been nice, but I’m a large person who needs to lose weight. If I knit something for my current size, it’ll (hopefully) end up far too big for me later on in life, and I don’t want that.

But a shawl can’t be the wrong size (provided you don’t knit it to Barbie-doll sizes, anyway), and I have more than enough to make this shawl. The colour is 2132, Mocha Cream, which, while not the colour of the sun’s rays, will still look rather nice. Subdued or dark colours look nicer on me than bright ones anyway.

So as soon as I can find needles in the right size, you can bet I’ll be casting on for that shawl! (Hopefully by then I’ll have finished up a lot of my WiPs, too, so I won’t feel quite so guilty casting on for something new and shiny.)


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  1. Oops. Can you please delete the previous comment? And this one, too? I’m trying to keep different components of my life neatly compartmentalized, but sometimes I mess up.

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