The camera returneth!

May 17, 2007 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Akatonbo, scarves, shawls, WIPs | 2 Comments

So now I can take pictures again! Huzzah!

And I’ve actually been knitting, and knitting somewhat frequently on one project. It’s a project I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, and is a new addition to the little WiP section on the sidebar. It’s the Prairie Shawl, from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls.

Yeah, I know, having it bunched up on the needles isn’t exactly the most attractive way to show it off, but I’m not prepared to slide all the stitches onto a piece of waste yarn just to take one picture, then wrestle with them being put back on the needle again. A good picture will come when I’m finished it. Which probably won’t be too long now, at the rate I’m knitting. I’ve added a good 20-25 repeats over the past few days. That may not sound like too much, but when you consider that I’ve been doing it mostly during long auto-battles in Final Fantasy XII, it says something.

I’m knitting this in acrylic yarn, unlike the wool that the pattern originally called for. Why? Because I had three balls of the same acrylic yarn in my stash, which was given when my roommate‘s mother destashed, and this seemed like as good a project as any to use it for. Acrylic isn’t as warm as wool, but it’ll be good enough for throwing over my shoulders when the air conditioning’s too high at work, or when I’m running out at night to take out the garbage.

There’s also been some progress on the Akatonbo scarf, which pleases me immensely! Compared to my last update about this scarf, I’ve added another repeat and a half of the pattern. Not much progress over all, but the fact that I am working on it at all is a good thing.

The lace pattern really is hard to see right now, but from ‘blocking’ it with my hands every so often, I can see that it’ll look nice once I’ve finished it and given it a good proper blocking.

I think the feather and fan scarf has a few more repeats done, too, but since that yarn is so fine, a progress picture would barely have any noticeable changes. from the last one. So I’ll save posting a picture of it until there’ll be a noticeable difference in size.

Yes, Ria is back in the knitting groove! I expect more updates now, and more knitting to be accomplished! And really, isn’t that what we all want out of life?

All Nick wants is to have his tummy fuzzled.



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  1. Ooh, that’s lots of shawl. And kitty tummy, huzzah!

    I wish the weather would stop being so gloomy. It’s so bad for trying to take pictures, but I think I’ll make an attempt tomorrow, anyway.

  2. Yes, more knitting to be accomplished seems to be a utopia for me. But OMG, you have lots of shawls going. It’s good that your camera is back. In knitting blog-land, camera seems to be a requirement to show off those FOs, WIPs, or whatever.

    I should give all my kittens kitty tummy…ooooo so cute.

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