It figures.

May 25, 2007 at 6:01 pm | Posted in Random babble | Leave a comment

As soon as I say, “Oh yes, I’m right back in the knitting groove,” I have nothing to show for it. A garter stitch shawl squished together on a circular needle doesn’t make for the most exciting update picture. Nor does the 1 repeat of the feather-and-fan scarf I did the other day. Nor does the one more square for a blanket I did at some point this past week. Nor the few rows I knit on the soon-to-be-felted slippers.

I’m knitting. I just have very little to show for it.

I tell you, though, I’m going to be craving some lace as soon as the Prairie Shawl is finished. Row after row of garter stitch, with two YOs every two rows to break the monotony . . . Well, let’s just say it really doesn’t break the monotony.

But the more I knit, the sooner these projects will come to an end and I can start taking pictures of things where the world can see actual progress every once in a while. :p I know that’s what I like to see when I read other knitblogs, and so I strive for the same thing in my own blog. Even if it means the updates end up few and far between for a while.

That’s why I really enjoy lace. It can be broken down easily into repeats, which means that I can memorize a pattern and still not have it become boring, because each row is going to be different than the row before it. And because it goes in repeats, it’s easy to see the progress that has been made over a certain period of time. It makes me feel good to know that I added another two repeats to something, and to be able to see it easily, too.


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