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June 3, 2007 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Reinyarnations, stash | 2 Comments

On the knitting front, there really actually isn’t much to talk about. I knit another few rows on the log cabin blanket, accidentally picking up stitches along the wrong edge as I did so, but meh, it’s not like I’m knitting the blanket to be seen or used by anyone but myself, nor am I knitting it out of great yarn that I feel needs a really good or perfect project to be worthy of. Nope, it’s just an excuse to use up some scrap worsted acrylic yarn that I have lying around, and it’ll provide an extra bit of warmth once winter hits again.

Listen to me. The warm weather’s really only just hit, and I’m already talking about winter again. *laughs*

I was, however, inspired to start taking apart sweaters again, so I grabbed a sweater that’s been lying in my stash for a while and took the scissors to it. It’s an 85/15 blend of wool and acrylic, in some nice harvest autumn colours, browns and reds and yellows. I wore the sweater a few times, actually, but the wool was just a little bit too scratchy around my neck, so I finally made the decision that it was to be frogged.

That’s just from the two sleeves. Not sure what the yardage is, but the biggest cake is a fair size.

It’s a single ply yarn. I’m not sure what I’m going to make from it yet. I keep thinking that a Clapotis might be nice, but that’ll be as close to my neck as the high collar of the sweater was, so I’m not so sure that’d be a good idea. It might be nice for a shawl, since it has rather long stretches of colour, so if I did something lacey it probably wouldn’t interfere with the pattern too much. Though I’m not sure how nice it would look, being in thick stripes toward the bottom point but getting less so as it goes higher up. (Assuming I knit it from the bottom up, that is.)

Either way, at least I have the yarn ready, for when I do decide what project it would be best for.

There are still plenty of sweaters that I need to finish taking apart, too. The spring green angora blend sweater, the deep purple acrylic sweater, the rest of the harvest colours sweater . . . I’m sure I have a few more sweaters lying around that are half unravelled, too, that I need to get back to. Fortunately, I’m in a stash-enhancing mood, so I might actually get them done soon.

And now for a special treat! The first time one of my rats makes an appearance on the blog!

This is Sniffles. (And my roommate, but she’s not important. :p) And just because one can never have too many rattie pictures, here’s another one!

Sniffles has a slightly misshapen head, and a ton of really weird habits and personality issues, and one of our pet theories, so to speak,. is that his birth didn’t go 100% smoothly, and his head got a little squeezed and thus his brain ended up a little less than normal. Not that it bothers us any. He’s still a wonderful friend to have, and I wouldn’t be without him if I had the choice.

Sniffles was given to us by a friend from work who fell in love with him in the pet store and bought him, but later on she thought she wouldn’t be able to take care of him as well as he needed. Knowing that we like rats, she decided to give Sniffles to us, and though it was very close to the death of our previous rats, and we still had wounds that hadn’t quite healed, we took him in because he needed a good home. He’s since provided many hours of entertainment to us.

Even if he does bully our other rat, Silk. (I’ll have to try and get some good pictures of Silk to show off soon. He’s shy, so it might not be so easy, though.)



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  1. Pretty yarn. Really gorgeous rat!!! Give Sniffles (and Silk) a kiss for me.

  2. I notice you’ve been quoting songs for your titles… and I love Bonnie Raitt! Yeah, just wanted to get that out there before I read your entry…

    And I love rats! Awww!

    I can’t believe you get so much yarn out of recycling sweaters — almost makes me wish I knew how to do that. Well I have enough yarn for now…

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