The good, the bad, and the . . . well, nothing ugly, actually.

June 6, 2007 at 8:27 pm | Posted in Akatonbo, scarves, WIPs | Leave a comment

The good news – I made more progress on Akatonbo. I now have six repeats of the dragonfly pattern done, though again, you really can’t see if much in the pictures I take.

Once it’s all blocked, you’ll be able to actually see the dragonflies, I swear1

The bad news – I’m almost out of yarn, and I’m only about halfway finished. :/

Fortunately, I do have another ball of the merino/angora yarn sitting around that hasn’t been dyed yet, so as soon as I get some of the right coloured Kool-Aid, I’ll dye up another ball and continue knitting it. I honestly thought I’d have enough to make it further than this. I suppose I didn’t count on myself making the scarf as wide as it really is, though.

Oh well. It’s good that I can get more of the same yarn. Needing more yarn from a recycled sweater isn’t as easy as hunting for the right dyelot from a brand yarn sometimes. I’ve got to make sure the dyelot’s right on my own, and I’m lucky enough this time that I actually have some of the same kind of yarn here that can be used. If that was my last ball, I’d be screwed.

And once I get the knitting done, I’ll write up the pattern properly as stick it on the blog, so that anyone who wants one can make it. Not that I expect more than two people will read the blog and want to try it, though, but meh, you never know. When I get really famous in the future, everyone might want one. :D

(Notice I say ‘when’, and not ‘if’. I’m optimistic, you see. *laughs*)

There are so many projects I wish I could start right now, but I’m holding off until I finish at least the Prairie Shawl and the felted slippers. Preferably until Akatonbo is finished, too, but I make no promises. :p The big thing that I was to start is a Peacock’s Pride scarf, from Lavish Lace, in some Fleece Artist merino sock yarn I got a while back. The colours are deep blues, purples, and greens, and I think that if I wait to use it until I’m decent at making socks, it’ll sit around unused forever. My roommate did say once that it would look really nice as a scarf, and I think she’s right. So, Peacock’s Pride it is.

But I’m being good, and not casting on right now.

I also have to knit up the altar cloth for another friend. That shouldn’t take too long, though, but again, I’m waiting until my WiP pile is a little bit smaller before I cast on something new. I’m being good, yes I am.

Being good is so hard sometimes. :/ Especially when it comes to yarn and knitting.

I was quite pleased at the reception Sniffles had to the blog. Thank you, all, for telling me how cute he is. As another treat, then I shall give you pictures of our other rat, Silk.

(The white on his eye is because of the camera’s flash, not because of a cataract, by the way.) Like I said, he’s much more shy than Sniffles is, so he doesn’t come out and do as many amusing things as Sniffles. He’s still adorable, though, even hen he’s just poking out of his little log cabin.

See that little pile of coloured sticks in the corner? Those sticks used to fit together to make a sort of ball thing, that we thought we amuse him to play with. During one night, it seems, he’d chewed the whole thing to pieces, and that’s all that was left of it.


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