FO: Facecloths.

June 12, 2007 at 2:38 pm | Posted in charity knitting, FOs, Knit From Your Stash 2007 | 2 Comments

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes! They really made my day! :D

Second, on to the knitting stuff!

Okay, so they’re not the most glamorous FOs the world has ever seen, but they’re FOs nonetheless. I got the dishcloth cotton in a grab bag from Value Village when I went shopping the other day for enough yarn to finish the log cabin blanket. I also bought a very large cone of laceweight singles which I was hoping would be natural fibres, but the burn test concludes it to be a synthetic. So now I have a crapload of yarn and so idea what to do with it, and my Fall off the Wagon card from KFYS 07 has been played.

Oh well. At least I got a few facecloths out of it, so all is not quite lost.

The second cloth, the bright orangey one, is just plain old garter stitch. The green one is a fern lace pattern that I thought looked quite nice, and I like the way the colours stripe sometimes in the pattern. Normally, I’d think the colours were too busy for lace, but meh, it’s just going to be used when I’m having a shower or something. It’s not like I have to impress anyone by it, after all.

Why facecloths instead of dishcloths? My roommate hates using them as dishcloths, but said that they’d probably be pretty good to use as facecloths instead. Same patterns, same material, but just the use is different. Works well for me. We don’t have many facecloths right now anyway, so these will come in handy.

Charity Knitting

Amelia over at Knitter Natter is sending out the call for people to make little hats to fit on the top of bottles for a promotion that a UK drink company has going. All the details are here. It sounds like a silly concept at first, but the hats aren’t meant to be functional, after all, and money gets donated to help keep elderly people warm during the cold months of the year. My own gran has a nice warm house, but I know lots of people aren’t quite so lucky, and can use the extra little bit of help. It’s well worth checking out the details of, and if you can spare enough yarn and time to make a little hat or two, it will be appreciated.

I knit three of them last night!

Yes, they’re actually that tiny. They’re really quick knits. I suspect that per shift at work, so long as it isn’t too busy, I might be able to knit five per night. Times four shifts a week, that’s 20 little hats, raising money for a good cause. And it helps me use up some yarn I might not think of a use for otherwise! Everybody’s a winner!

(Kitten, if you knit any, I can send yours along with my batch, to save on postage, if you like. Same thing applies to any other knitter who lives nearby and doesn’t want to shell out postage to the UK. Just send ’em to me, and I’ll make sure they get where they’re going.)

And, in closing, a kitten. With his legs stuck through the armhole of my roommate’s vest.

Why he did this, I’m not sure we’ll ever know. He’s a weird one, that cat is.



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  1. Thank you for posting about the charity knitting and I love the hats! I managed 5 last night but stayed up until 1:15 as a result… x

  2. I love that first facecloth! I like the way the colours turned out with that pattern. I’d say your Value Village dishcloth cotton is probably Bernat Handicrafter or Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, as they both come in those colourways. (I made a purse that I almost never use from the yellow-green-blue one.) The other day I bought a bag of embroidery floss and blending filament at Value Village. Re: the little hats, I must see if I’ve got any DK weight yarn around here, and if not, then I’ll pick some up the next time I go shopping.

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