Lace, the final facecloth.

June 20, 2007 at 10:00 pm | Posted in charity knitting, FOs, log cabin blanket | 2 Comments

Just a simple feather-and-fan facecloth, and it marks the last of the dishcloth cotton I have, so you won’t see any more plain facecloths here for a good long while. I’ll get back to my other projects now.

Actually, I have been working more on the log cabin blanket. The piece I had was getting so cumbersome that I decided to leave it be and start on another section. I figure that six sections, two across and three down, will make a good sized-blanket, and it won’t get so large on the needles and I won’t be knitting hundreds of stitches across just to make it a teensy bit larger.

I’ve also done some more little hat knitting.

I’ve finished 15 little hats now. Not many, but every little bit helps, and knitting such small projects keeps me busy during my nights at work, so I feel doubly productive.

I love the hat that’s in the middle of the first row. If the while were only red instead, it would look like a little strawberry hat. I’m going to have to look around for some red DK-weight yarn now to see if I can make one.

Also, doing that hat made me think that making something in one solid colour, except have little dots at regular intervals using variegated yarn, could look really nice. Especially if the variegated yarn is in some bright colours, and the solid background colour is black. I’m going to have to make myself a hat like that, or perhaps some mittens.

Jakob, as always, is sleeping comfortably, only this time, he’s obn a pile of boxes in the hallway.

Look at him! Have you ever seen a kitty-face look more content?

I know I haven’t.



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  1. that is one very contented looking kitty! i find that knitting washclothes makes for a nice little break from other things!

  2. I looked through the stash and realized I had no DK weight yarn, so I bought a ball of it. (I have lots of worsted, some bulky, some fingering weight, and a tiny bit of super-bulky.) I’ll have to get some more the next time I’m at Wal-Mart so my little hats won’t all be the exact same shade of blue, which would be boring. I think you should buy some red and go for a strawberry hat and a watermelon hat, too! A watermelon hat would be adorable.

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