Sort-of FO: Felted slippers.

June 25, 2007 at 2:43 pm | Posted in FOs | 1 Comment

From the Marlena pattern, adjusted for size and all that jazz. Simple pattern, but it’s worth crediting.

I call them a sort-of FO because they haven’t been felted at the moment. But I’m completely finished knitting and seaming, so the only thing left is to throw them in the bag that my roommate will take to her parents’ place for laundry, so it’s not like I have much left I can really do with them.

Right now I think they look an awful lot like oversized floppy green wool bullets.


No pictures of little hats today. I regret to say that since I last posted, I only finished three of them. I’ve been caught up in reading and playing video games at work lately, so I haven’t knit quite as many as I’d like. But I have knit some. I’m almost up to 20, which isn’t too shabby, methinks.

I’ve also taken the feather-and-fan scarf off my WiP list in the sidebar. Why? Because I haven’t touched it in over a month, and whenever I look at it, the thought of dealing with all that cotton on small needles just makes me shudder. So I’m going to hide it in the UFO bin until I feel ready to take it up again. I might rip it out and start again on slightly larger needles, too, so that the task doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

So now that I have less projects on the sidebar, does this mean I’m going to start a new project of some kind, since the other ones on there are either too big to take to work, or need more yarn dyed for them? The answer . . . is yes. I’m going to cast on for Peacock’s Pride, from Lavish Lace, in a skein of really pretty Fleece Artist 100% wool, in peacock-like colours. I’ve been good, waiting until the list was down a bit before I cast this one on, and my patience has finally paid off.

And I know I say I don’t really like to work lace when I’m at work, since I tend to lose my place in between calls, but I’ve become better at remembering where I was in the pattern, and I haven’t lost my place in projects for a while now. So I’m going to attempt to take this one to work with me, too.

Reduce and reuse

I have also, under the recommendation of a few people, decided that yes, I will start to sell some of the yarn I recycle from sweaters. This will cut down on some clutter, possibly make a little money, and make me reflect a little more on what I buy to recycle. See, a lot of the time, I’ll buy sweaters to recycle with the idea of, “Ooh, that looks easy to recycle, the fibre content’s good, I can practice dyeing techniques on it, and/or the colours are okay, and even though I can’t think of anything I’d use the yarn for right now, I’m sure I’ll think of something.” Which isn’t always bad, but some yarns have sat in my stash for over a year now and still nothing’s coming to me, and it’s just taking up space that might be better used for something else. Other people might be able to get more use of the yarn than I will.

So over the next day or so, I’ll be going through some of my stash, skeining up recycled yarns, and putting them on the For Sale page.

I managed to get a rare picture of Jakob with his tongue out. I only have two of such pictures in all the time I’ve had the kitties, and so I felt like sharing this little rare pink gem with people. :D


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  1. LOVE the color you used!

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