One step forward, one step back.

July 8, 2007 at 2:15 pm | Posted in lace, MS3, scarves, shawls, WIPs | 2 Comments

The step forward

MS3! I’ve completely almost half of the first clue!

Unfortunately for me, some people have finished with their second clue already. I’m slow. Part of the reason I’m slow is that I can’t print out the pattern, so I’m limited to knitting at the computer, in a less-than-comfortable computer chair. As such, I really only get a few rows knit at a time, before I have to go elsewhere to let my back and/or sinuses sort themselves out and reach a proper state of unannoyance again.

Back and sinuses. My issues are nothing if not diverse.

One step back

Peacock’s Pride is . . . off the needles. Not because it’s finished, oh no. More because while travelling from work to home, the sheepy point protector got jiggled off the ends of the needles, and so did the yarn, leaving me with a partly unravelled scarf. I frogged, and was going to cast on again when I realised that no, I’ll put it aside for now. Twice I’ve had to take this thing off the needles, and I’m starting to look at it as more of a chore than an enjoyment. So I’ll put the yarn away for now and wait a little bit, and come back to it later, when my patience has increased.

To take the place of Peacock’s Pride, however, I cast on for a new scarf that’s moving along quicker than I would have hoped. It’s in Patons Classic Merino, in a kind of grey-blue colour, and the pattern was inspired by something I saw in Folk Shawls. No pictures yet, because my camera died after taking the pic of the MS3 shawl, so that’ll have to come next time.

No pet pics today, for the same reason. :/ Stupid camera. But the battery is charging, and next time there’ll be plenty of visual happiness to enjoy.



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  1. O nooooo! that’s terrible that your point protectors fell out. I would have trouble to cast on the same project after tragedy like that.
    Yeah I would feel terrible if my camera breaks (*knows on wood). I love my camera.

  2. Ooh. Are you putting the beads on it?

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